Practical protocols
What does yeast eat? Drucken E-Mail

figure for yeast


A worksheet for a practical inquiry based experiment



Amylase Drucken E-Mail

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Detecting the alpha-amylase activity of saliva

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Immobilised algae Drucken E-Mail




Immobilised algae

Immobilised algae for studying photosynthesis
Students immobilise algae in calcium alginate, then use the entrapped cells to study photosynthesis by placing them in hydrogencarbonate indicator solution and observing the colour change as the carbon dioxide is depleted.
Soil bacteria and natural biotechnology Drucken E-Mail

Fagiolo_ITA didactic use of soil bacteria from nodules on leguminous plant roots


Hands-on activities enabling students to extract bacteria from nodules of leguminous plant roots, to grow them and infect roots of different leguminous plants.

This activity can be done in a multiphase project starting from the growing of soil bacteria  and free living nitrogen fixing bacteria using EIBE protocols

Immobilised yeast Drucken E-Mail

yeast.pngImmobilisation of yeast in calcium alginate beads

A practical method of immobilising yeast cells in calcium alginate is described. The entrapped cells can then be used to ferment sugar solutions. The volume of carbon dioxide produced can be measured.



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