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Avian flu Imprimer Email



Does avian flu herald the worst pandemic for generations?





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Alternative splicing Imprimer Email

Alternative splicing


How one gene can make many proteins




Humans have only twice as many genes as the simple fruit fly. How can this be? After all, we have brains that allow us to count genes while their main occupation is seeking out a nice banana.
Alternative splicing explains the compact living of our genetic information as well as the mechanisms behind several human diseases.

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Eye colour genetics Imprimer Email



 Can blue-eyed parents produce brown-eyed children?


Melanin pigments produce the colour of the eyes. This article describes how melanin is formed in melanosome particles in the melanocytes and the genetics behind eye colour.

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Evolution Game Imprimer Email
The tree of life board game for 2–6 players

This is a board game for 2-6 players, who start as 'Last Universal Common Ancestors' and move on a branching evolutionary tree to modern times. On their journey they encounter several 'special evolutionary events' representing major developments in the evolution of modern organisms.

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Six a day Imprimer Email
Fruit_Laura_smallDK"6 a day" is a campaign introduced by the Danish Ministry of food to help people improve their lifestyle. In this activity you are supplied with:
a. A frequency Questionnaire for the students to fill out for measurement of daily intake of fruit and vegetables.
b. References and Summary of articles with information on healthy intake of fruit and veg. in other countries than in Denmark. this can be used for discussion.
c. Information is given on different theories about the importance of antioxidant and other secondary metabolites in fruit and veg.
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