How To Change Brown Eyes To Hazel Naturally?

How To Change Brown Eyes To Hazel Naturally
Color change with your diet – Yes, its effective. The food we intake is responsible for the production of hormones. There are some hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin which are responsible for monitoring the physical response of the body’s organs. These hormones causes the expansion of pupil and expanded eyes appear lighter for some time.

There are some foods that are more effective in this regard. Honey is generally used as a natural way to treat to the eyes. In some parts of the globe, it is still used to treat different kinds of eye allergies. Raw honey has been placed in eyes as an anti-bacterial agent. Raw Beech honeydew is one type that can work wonders in changing your eyes color. You can use pure honey and water to change your eye color from dark to hazel color. Simply take equal proportion of honey and light warm water and then mix until it drops in the eyes. Place two or three drops of a mixture of pure honey with water in each eye twice a day. Remember, it will take time. Honey can change jet-black eyes color into a medium brown and with golden light brown specs. Diluted honey is the best to use in order to lighten your eyes. Raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which is not only an antiseptic agent but naturally inhibits melanin production also. It is also used for skin bleaching purposes and help in reducing the dark pigment of the eye. Chemically produced or laboratory hydrogen peroxide may harm your eyes, so be careful, it can cost you eyesight.

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: How to Change Your Eye Color to Blue, Green, Red, Hazel

Can you turn brown eyes into hazel eyes?

– The easiest and most common way to change your eye color temporarily is to wear contact lenses. You can go from a deep brown to a light hazel eye in a matter of seconds (or minutes, depending how long it takes you to get the contacts in). Colored contact lenses come in three tints: Opaque: Opaque-tint lenses are solid and non-transparent, offering a complete color change.


Enhancement: Enhancement-tint contact lenses boost your natural eye color. These types of lenses are transparent and solid in color. They help define the edges of your iris and add intensity to your eye color. If, for example, you have jade-green eyes and want to alter them to emerald, enhancement lenses would work well.

What color makes hazel eyes?

Summary: Hazel Eye Color – What are hazel eyes? Hazel eyes are eyes that have a combination of green, gold, and brown coloring, which sets them apart from most other eyes, which are a solid color. The amount of each color can vary among different people with hazel eyes, which can cause hazel green eyes or hazel brown eyes.

How do you get rid of brown eye Colour?

Laser Surgery – This procedure changes your eye color by destroying the pigment, or color, cells in your iris. When they go away, brown eyes look blue. That’s because blue eyes don’t have any pigment. It can only be done on brown eyes. Like any surgery, there are possible side effects. Glaucoma and uveitis are two of them. This procedure isn’t approved in the U.S.

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Can you develop hazel eyes?

Gene combinations and eye color – Before launching into this, we need to remember one more thing. We have two copies of most of our genes – one from mom and one from dad. What this means is that there are actually a number of ways of combining genes to end up with various eye colors. For brown, green, and blue eyes, the possibilities using BEY2 and GEY are:

BB bb Brown
BB G b Brown
BB GG Brown
B b bb Brown
B b G b Brown
B b GG Brown
bb GG Green
bb G b Green
bb bb Blue

Now imagine a modifier gene that can give you hazel eyes by having GEY make more melanin. This gene comes in two flavors – M increases the amount of melanin GEY makes and m has no effect. As you can see, it is possible to have brown eyes and have a B and a b version of the BEY2 gene.

  • Or green eyes and have a G and a b version of GEY,
  • These people are carriers for blue eyes.
  • OK, so to have hazel eyes you need a G from the GEY gene and an M from our modifier gene.
  • M would not give hazel eyes with b,
  • Why? Because b is really a broken version of G – b makes so little melanin because it doesn’t work.

M can’t fix a gene – it can only affect how much melanin a working GEY gene makes. So what are the genetic combinations that give various eye colors using M ? To simplify things, we’ll ignore BEY2 and just concentrate on green, blue, and hazel.

GG MM Hazel
G b MM Hazel
GG M m Hazel
G b M m Hazel
GG mm Green
G b mm Green
bb MM Blue
bb M m Blue
bb mm Blue
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What hair color is best for hazel eyes?

What color looks best with hazel eyes? – Hazel eyes have flecks of gold, green, and brown, so it’s best to complement them with warm-toned blondes, browns, and reds if you really want your eye color to stand out. If your hazel eyes have a lot of green in them, rich red shades like auburn and copper will work best for you. How To Change Brown Eyes To Hazel Naturally How To Change Brown Eyes To Hazel Naturally

Can eyes turn from brown to green?

Natural changes with age Most babies are born with brown eyes. However, many of Caucasian heritage initially have blue or gray eyes. This color may darken over time, to become green, hazel, or brown. Infants with brown eyes rarely experience changes in iris color, although the shade of brown may become more prominent.