How To Make Brown Eyes Pop Without Makeup?

How To Make Brown Eyes Pop Without Makeup
Download Article Download Article You don’t need tons of makeup products to make your eyes stand out. Whether you are not allowed to wear makeup, have sensitive skin, or just prefer to go au naturale, this article will show you how to make your eyes look bright and beautiful without makeup.

  1. 1 Curl your lashes. Even if you are wearing makeup, most makeup artists agree curling your lashes is a must, because it makes your eyes look larger and more awake. Use an eyelash curler to first curl along the very base of your lashes (squeezing for 10 seconds), then the middle of your lashes and the ends.
    • Blow on the ends of your fingertips to warm them up, then gently press your lashes up. Hold for ten seconds, and repeat if necessary.
    • Heat a spoon in a mug of warm water, then hold the edge of the spoon along the root of your eyelashes. The curved side of the spoon (the side that holds soup or cereal) should be facing out, away from you. Use your fingers to gently push your lashes up and against the edge of the spoon.
    • Use a clean toothbrush to brush your lashes upward. Run the bristles under hot water to warm up the brush, wiping off excess moisture on a towel. Then brush the bristles up through your lashes, a starting near the root, and holding at the tips for ten seconds.
  2. 2 Wear colors that make your eyes pop. Figure out what shades really highlight your eye color and buy shirts and scarves in those colors. Think about what color you are wearing when people compliment your eyes, or try holding up a bunch of different colored fabrics to your eyes and have a friend tell you which ones look best.
    • Blue eyes should start out with black and different shades of blue (darker blues will make your eyes look a deeper blue, lighter blues will lighten), purple, pinks, and light green.
    • Brown eyes should start with oranges and red (or combinations like peach), shades of light brown, bold blues, lavender, gold, and moss green.
    • Green eyes should try any shade of purple or green, black, navy, pale yellow, and deep browns.
    • Hazel eyes should try black, navy, and other dark neutrals, orange, burgundy, and lavender.


  3. 3 Keep your eyebrows on point. Your eyebrows frame your face and bring balance to your features. Stick with a strong, natural looking brow over over-plucked, pencil-thin lines. If you can have a professional salon shape your brows they will give you a template for how they should look and then you can do maintenance with a tweezer.
    • Avoid waxing your brows, as the process damages the extremely sensitive skin around your eyes. Try plucking or threading instead.
    • If you aren’t allowed to tweeze your eyebrows, use a toothbrush to brush the hairs upwards slightly. This trick will make your eyes look bigger.
  4. 4 Use eyedrops if your eyes are bloodshot or tired-looking. A few squirts from hydrating eyedrops or eyedrops made to relieve redness will make your eyes look clear and awake.
    • You can also use eyedrops to de-puff the skin around your eyes-just dab the liquid on the skin around your eyes.
  5. 5 Set off eyes with your hair color. If you like to color your hair, choose a color that accentuates your eyes. You can focus on your general eye color, such as brown, blue, green, or hazel, or you can bring out the different colored flecks in your iris.
    • Darker hair usually makes lighter eyes pop, while rich colors or lighter undertones can bring out darker eyes.
    • Reds and coppers look great with green eyes, and you can use color to bring out your favorite shade in hazel eyes.
    • You can find hair color recommendations for your individual eye color and skin tone combination by visiting,
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  1. 1 Get a good night’s sleep to minimize puffiness and dark circles. The skin around your eyes is extra thin, which means it is extremely sensitive and will show the effects of a sleepless night. Lack of sleep can affect your circulatory system, making the blood vessels more visible through the paper-thin skin under your eyes.
    • Sleep with your head propped up on two pillows, allowing the skin under your eyes to drain while you sleep and prevent puffiness.
    • Dark circles can also result from allergies, genetics, or bone structure.
    • To lessen puffiness, try sleeping propped up on two pillows, which can help drain excess fluid from your face overnight.
  2. 2 Massage the skin around your eyes to encourage drainage and reduce puffiness. Swollen-looking eyes are usually a result of excess fluid under the eyes. Gently massaging the skin around your eyes can help move the fluid out of your face and into larger lymph nodes where it can be processed efficiently.
    • Gently tap and massage the skin around your eyes, using your ring finger (this is the weakest finger and will make sure you don’t press or pull too hard). Work your way around your eye in a circle, starting at the outside corner, going down under your eye, and then over along the brow bone.
    • Learn more extensive techniques for a full facial massage,
  3. 3 Invest in a good eye cream. You may need to experiment with a few different eye creams to find the right one, but you ultimately want something that is moisturizing and contains vitamin E. Beware of eye creams that are too rich, greasy, or waxy, as these can trap dead skin cells and lead to tiny white bumps, or milia, around your eyes.
    • Look for creams that de-puff your skin (caffeine can help reduce puffiness) or contain gentle exfoliants.
    • Older women should look for creams that reduce wrinkles and firm the skin around your eyes, which can begin to droop as you age. A cream that plumps the skin can help the area around your eyes look youthful.
  4. 4 Take it easy on the salt. A diet high in salt, MSG, alcohol, or artificial sweeteners can damage the skin around your eyes or cause excessive puffiness. Too much salt can cause your body to retain water and appear bloated. Because the skin around your eyes is so delicate, this puffiness will be even more apparent around your eyes.
    • Cut back on your salt intake to reduce puffiness, especially the day before a special event.
  5. 5 Pamper the skin around your eyes with household remedies. It’s easy to de-puff and treat the delicate skin around your eyes with items you can find in your kitchen. That cucumbers on the eyes thing you’ve seen in the movies actually helps refresh the skin around your eyes.
    • Try steeping two bags of black tea and, after allowing them to cool, place them over your eyes to reduce puffiness.
  6. 6 Finished. Now you can go out and have some fun.
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  • Question If we don’t have eyelash curler? Camille Sanghera is the Owner of Lash Envy Cosmetics and Esvee Beauty in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Camille is trained and certified in microblading, scalp micropigmentation, eyelash extensions, hair and makeup, and lash lifts. She is listed on Microblading Map Canada and has also been featured on TuneIn Radio and in Bridal Fashion Week Magazine. Beauty Stylist Expert Answer
  • Question How to remove dark circles completely Camille Sanghera is the Owner of Lash Envy Cosmetics and Esvee Beauty in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. Camille is trained and certified in microblading, scalp micropigmentation, eyelash extensions, hair and makeup, and lash lifts. She is listed on Microblading Map Canada and has also been featured on TuneIn Radio and in Bridal Fashion Week Magazine. Beauty Stylist Expert Answer
  • Question Will eating squash and carrots will make my eyes bigger and brighter? As a matter of fact, yes. Carrots make your eye color stand out, and squash makes the skin smooth and removes eye bags.

See more answers Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Advertisement Article Summary X To make your eyes look good without makeup, try using an eyelash curler to make them appear more open and awake.

  1. Also, make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed to balance your face and frame your features.
  2. Next, pick clothing colors that naturally highlight your eye color, like a red top to bring out brown eyes, or a yellow dress for green eyes.
  3. Finally, use eyedrops to make your eyes look clear and reduce any redness.

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How can I make my brown eyes pop naturally?

How to make brown eyes pop. With rich brown eyes, the contrast of shades like cobalt blue, teal and turquoise will make your eyes instantly pop. While coppery golden tones are great for highlighting and enhancing your natural brown eyes, particularly when paired with a neutral base.

How do you make brown eyes pop without eyeshadow?

Consider a mascara-focused eye. – Moore often opts for a mascara-focused look over a heavy liner—think wide, Bambi-like brown orbs. But she recommends that if you can’t stand the idea of going without a liner, use “a very thin liner will accentuate the color and make it pop.”

How do you make your brown eyes pop more?

March 16, 2018 This is for all you brown-eyed babes out there! Bringing out your brown eyes is easy to do and there are certain shades that will help. Making your eyes pop is something everyone wants to achieve. This look is a great “go to” for all my brown eyed Makeup Geeks. But if you have green or blue eyes don’t let that stop you from trying this versatile look. Face:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation NARS Loose Powder NARS Laguna Bronzer NYX Peach Blush MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle


MAC Painterly Paintpot NYX Runway Palette in “Jazz Night” MAC Eyeshadow in “Vibrant Grape” MAC Eyeshadow in “Hush” – (discontinued) Makeup Geek Gel Liner – “Amethyst” Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara

Makeup Geek Alternatives:

“Mercury” – Over the lid “Purple Rain” – Crease “Wisteria” – Above crease “Vanilla Bean” – Highlight “Sensuous” – For under the eye Makeup Geek Lipstick in “Refined”


NYX Lipliner in “Natural” NYX Lipstick in “Cream”


Makeup Geek Eye Shader Brush Makeup Geek Stiff Dome MAC 219 Pencil Brush or Makeup Geek Pointed Crease Brush Makeup Geek Blush Brush Makeup Geek Bent Liner Brush

Ring: Exquisitely Yours Boutique on eBay Tips for bringing out your baby browns:

Wear colors opposite of brown on the color wheel- those would be blues, teals, greens, and purples If your eyes are hazel instead of deep brown, make them look almost green by wearing green eyeshadow Yellow is not the best color as it brings out the yellow in some brown eyes Applying blue eyeliner in the waterline adds nice contrast to the eyes and makes the whites of your eyes even brighter Some brown eyed babes can wear pink eyeshadows, but the deeper or brighter pinks are a bit more flattering. Since many brown eyed babes also have brown or black hair, wearing brown eyeshadow can be too drab against the face. If you must wear brown eyeshadow, play up the lips with a brighter color

So that’s it for this look. I hope you like this look for making your baby brown eyes POP ! 🙂 Until next time stay happy and healthy! XOXO, Marlena

What colors make brown eyes look lighter?

Eiza González reveals how she makes her eyes look lighter with this makeup trick We know that people with light blue or green eyes only need to change the color of their clothing to change their eye color, but did you know that brown-eyed girls can get the same results with makeup? Gorgeous actress has a not-so-secret secret that helps make her brown eyes a few shades lighter as she revealed to Vogue in a video on her makeup routine. How To Make Brown Eyes Pop Without Makeup ©GettyImages Cooler eye shadow colors like blue and purple accent darker eyes and create a special shine that makes them look lighter “If you have brown eyes like me, blue or purple will make your eyes look more honey. So those are really good colors and that’s a really good beauty trick.

  • And green!” the star of Baby Driver said about the ideal shades for this simple visual trick.
  • Also, brown eyes need cooler colors to bring out the shine that will make them look instantly lighter.
  • If your eyes are hazel, you should use green and gold for eye makeup because they will bring more light and highlight your eyes’ natural color.

You should also avoid very dark shades that are more appropriate for darker eyes. How To Make Brown Eyes Pop Without Makeup ©eizagonzalez In addition to her successful film career, Eiza González has become an international beauty icon Don’t forget that the goal is not to change the color of your eyes since that is beyond impossible, rather to play around with makeup to make your eyes pop with light.

Is brown eye is rare?

What determines your eye color? – About 75 percent of eye color is due to one gene, OCA2. It makes melanin, a substance in your body that produces, If you inherit two nonfunctional copies of the OCA2 gene from your parents, you will go on to develop blue eyes.

45 percent had brown eyes​ 27 percent had blue eyes​ 18 percent had hazel eyes​ 9 percent had green eyes ​1 percent had eyes a color not listed above

​Note: weighted to reflect the United States population at that time. In case you were planning to decorate your impending grandbaby’s nursery to match the color of their eyes, be prepared to be disappointed. It is impossible to predict what color their orbs will be.

  • There are several different genes involved, which we’re just beginning to learn about and understand,” Kaplan explains.
  • HERC2, for example, is a gene that turns the OCA2 gene on or off as needed.
  • Different variations of it can cause the OCA2 gene to produce less melanin, which leads to lighter-colored eyes.

There are at least eight other genes that influence eye color. In the meantime, you can take comfort in the fact that your own individual eye color is like your fingerprints: something that is unique only to you. Brown eyes are the most common: Over half the people in the world have them, according to the AAO.

  1. In fact, about 10,000 years ago, all humans had brown eyes.
  2. Scientists speculate that their elevated levels of melanin helped protect people from the,
  3. But as people moved from the sweltering climates of Africa and Asia to the cooler environments of Europe, there was less need for this protection.
  4. At some point in history, as humans migrated north, a gene mutation occurred to reduce melanin production, says Kaplan.

When the eyes have less melanin, they absorb less light. That means more light is scattered out from the iris, or colored, which reflects off the surroundings. Eyes with the smallest amount of melanin in them will appear blue, while those with a little more melanin will appear green or hazel.​ Archive Photos / Getty Images Actress Elizabeth Taylor in the film “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof”

What is the most eye popping color?

What Color Is Most Eye-Catching? – There are so many colors to be found in the natural world around us. Some colors stand out, and others blend into the background and we don’t notice them quite as much. Red and orange seem to be the clear winner when it comes to eye-catching colors.

What makes eyes lighter?

What Causes Eye Color to Change? Changes in eye color can be as captivating as they are concerning. By understanding what can cause eye colors to change, you can determine if what you’re experiencing is typical or if you should see a visionary eye doctor.

Here is a look at common causes of eye color changes. Natural Age-Related Eye Color Changes One of the most common situations that leads to changes in eye color occurs in children. When a baby is born, their eyes are usually lighter or bluer. Mainly, this is because a newborn hasn’t had sun exposure, so the melanin in their eyes isn’t fully developed.

As they are exposed to light, melanin production increases, causing the color of their eyes to shift. However, eye color changes can also occur as a person ages. Those with lighter color eyes – especially Caucasians – may see their eyes lighten over time.

  • The pigment slow degrades over time, resulting in less color.
  • Other Situations Leading to Eye Color Changes Sun Exposure Since melanin plays a role in eye color, exposure to the sun can lead to eye color changes.
  • Usually, it requires prolonged exposure and results in the irises darkening.
  • Medical Treatments Some medications may alter eye color.

One prime example was a name-brand eyelash growth serum that was available by prescription. While the side effect was rare and usually required the drops to be applied to the eye – not the lash line, as it was meant to be used – a chemical in the serum could have the ability to impact eye pigments.

It’s also possible for other medications and surgeries to result in eye color changes. If that’s a potential side effect of a treatment, your eye care specialist will discuss it in advance. Nearby Colors In some cases, it may look like your eye color has changed when, in reality, your eyes are the same color.

Changes to the size of your pupils can cause your eye color to appear slightly different. Partially, this is because your limbal ring (the darker ring on the outside of the iris) is closer to the pupil’s edge. This can make your eye color appear darker because less of the iris is visible.

Additionally, other colors near your eyes may impact how your eye color is perceived. For example, your clothing, makeup, hair, and glasses frame color may all influence the apparent hue of your irises. However, most of that is an illusion. When a different color is near your eye, slight reflections of those shades might make your eye color seem different, even though it isn’t.

In a similar vein, changing the colors that are near your eyes may create more or less contrast than is usually there, making the hue seem stronger or weaker due to an adjustment in the comparison. Similarly, crying, allergies, or other activities that cause the sclera – the white part of the eye – to redden may make the irises seem slightly different.

Again, this is because the area near the iris changed hues, not because the iris itself is a new color. Medical Conditions There are medical conditions that can lead to shifts in eye color. Heterochromia – a condition that causes a person to have two different colored irises or more than one color in a single iris – may result in color changes.

Horner’s syndrome may cause the eyes to lighten. Pigmentary glaucoma and Fuch’s heterochromic uveitis – an inflammatory condition – may also result in changes to the iris. The same goes for eye melanoma, a type of cancer. Consult a Reputable Eye Doctor The eye care specialists in Buffalo, NY at ECVA take the safety and health of our patients’ eyes seriously.

Is there a natural way to turn brown eyes blue?

7 Ways to Get Blue Eyes

  1. Unfortunately, no. Just like your hair and skin color, the color of your iris is genetic. That means that unless you break down your genetic code or cell structure, your eye color cannot be changed permanently without surgery. The color of your eyes is determined by the amount of melanin that your irises contain: very little melanin gives blue eyes, while lots of melanin gives brown eyes.
    • Many babies have blue eyes when they’re born because their bodies haven’t created very much melanin yet.
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  1. Wear blue contact lenses. Contact lenses can give you the appearance of blue eyes without having to change anything physical. To make sure your contact lenses are safe, visit an eye doctor and get a prescription. If you have glasses, you can get prescription colored contact lenses to wear every day.
    • Colored contact lenses from home goods or costume stores aren’t safe, and they could damage your eyes. You should always purchase contacts from an eye care professional.
  1. Yes, you can use browns, oranges and blues to make your eyes look lighter. When you’re picking out eye shadow and eyeliner, go for softer tones like light brown and baby blue instead of black. It will help bring out the blue undertones in your eyes and make your eye color look both lighter and brighter. ‘
    • Other complementary eyeshadow colors that can enhance blue eyes include gold, warm orange-browns like peach and copper, red-browns like mauves and plum, and neutrals like taupe or camel.
    • You can also try wearing brown mascara instead of black mascara.

Yes, but it’s a very subtle change. When you feel an intense emotion like anger, sadness, or excitement, your pupils might dilate or contract. This change can influence how your eye color looks just slightly, but they might only turn a shade or two lighter or darker. Advertisement

  1. No, that’s an urban myth. Some people swear that by mixing honey and hot water and using it as eye drops, you can make your eyes turn blue. However, there is no scientific evidence to back that up, and you can really irritate your eyes that way.
    • Your iris is in the center of your eyeball, not the surface. Using eye drops won’t help change the color of your eye because you can’t actually touch your iris.
    • The same is true for lemon juice eye drops. You’ll just end up irritating your eyes.
  1. Yes, but there are many risks to eye color surgery. There are 2 surgical options for changing your eye color: a laser surgery and an iris implant. Both of them come with the risk of inflammation, cataracts, elevated pressure inside your eye, and blindness. In fact, the laser surgery isn’t even approved for use in the United States. If you’re thinking of getting surgery, talk to an eye care professional before you make any decisions.
    • Most eye care professionals will discourage you from getting surgery to change your eye color. It’s too dangerous and not worth the risks.
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It could indicate a disease or an illness. Changing eye colors might mean heterochromic iridocyclitis (inflammation of the eye), pigment loss, uveitis (inflammation of the middle eye), or trauma. Any one of these things can lead to blindness and health complications, so you should see a doctor right away if you notice anything strange.

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