What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop?

What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop
Today, we are going to continue our “Making Your Eyes Gorgeous” series for blue eyes! Did you know that blue eyes are the most recent eye color in the history of the world? According to a study from the University of Copenhagen, a genetic mutation 10,000 years ago impacted melanin production, thus creating the very first blue eye color.

Before that, everyone’s eyes were brown! So, to get back on topic: blue eyes must be associated with specific colors to call attention to their beauty and make them shine. Otherwise, they can quickly lose their sparkle. That said, how do you highlight blue eyes ? Are you ready to learn how to master a simple and sophisticated makeup application? With these tips and tricks, making your blue eyes gorgeous will never be easier.

Roar! You have green or brown eyes ? Discover all our tips to highlight your green eyes or to highlight your brown eyes, What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop The Perfect Colors for Your Blue Eyes To make your blue eyes pop, finding a complement is key. The color wheel is a must for makeup artists and non-professionals alike to help guide the best makeup application. What color is opposite of blue on the color wheel? I’ll let you guess.

Tick-tock, tick-tock! Give up? The answer is. The eyeshadow colors that are complementary to blue are yellow and red, Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to paint a sunset on your face. But to target the most flattering shades for you, it is best to go for tones close to red and yellow. When you use the right colors, your look will be 100% sultry, guaranteed.

Roar! The range of makeup colors for blue eyes is quite large. Gold and hues with tints of red and yellow, like orange, copper, and warm, brownish tones are perfect for emphasizing your blue irises. The contrast between these pigments and the blueness of your eye will really make them pop! So, as you can deduce, warm shades brighten up blue eyes and make them dazzle and shine.

  • Discover the ALL TIGERS Eyeshadows Trio Tiger’s Blue Eyes : warm tones specially for blue eyes.
  • Other colors, like purple and pink, are other great options to bring out the loveliness of azure eyes.
  • A pretty, pastel pink is an absolute plus for blue eyes.
  • And every year, pastel colors make their way into the spotlight for spring.

For beginners, it might be a good idea to mix a light, pastel shadow with a darker liner along the lid for stunning eyes. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3! Pastel colors are also great for adding to the inner corners of your eyes to make them bigger, brighter, and doelike.

Pastel makeup might be scary, but if it is used in moderation, it is soft, sweet, and lovely all at once. Yeah, ladies, keep this palette of unique and trendy shades close by for blue eye makeup that is delicate, graceful, and nude. Roar! A simple taupe shadow is ideal for highlighting blue eyes or adding to a sultry smoky eye for a night out on the town.

That said, gradients of black and chocolate are great for creating a sensual look. For special occasions, gold, silver, and gray are also great alternatives since they make your stunning blue eyes the main focus. Our quick beauty tip: If you have dark hair, you can opt for metallic colors,

  • If you are blonde, go ahead and select golden hues and warmer tones,
  • You’ll be good to go.
  • Promise! To discover all the shades that will ferosciously highlight your blue eyes, it’s juste here,
  • Now let’s move on to the shades you’ll need to avoid.
  • Colors to Avoid for Blue Eyes Avoid tone-on-tone! Steer clear from blue and green eyeshadows.

A color that’s too close to your own irises makes your eyes look small and scrunched. But if you absolutely have to try it out, go for a blue smoky eye with a shade that is darker than your own, A combo of blue and silver, or blue and gold, creates an immediate and dazzling effect.

Got gray-blue eyes? Than you can definitely go for bluish tones if you apply them with a gradient effect. Our simple makeup tip : If you want to make your eyes look bigger, add just a touch of light to the inner corner of your lid. With the ALL TIGERS gold, silver, or pink eyeshadows, you’ve got bright, shining eyes.

You will be the epitome of glamour and style. Our Selection of ALL TIGERS Eyeshadow Pencils ALL TIGERS has just what you need to play up your baby blues. The 3-in-1 pencil is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, contains up to 100% ingredients of natural origin and is quick & easy to use.

Dark Brown 303 “SET YOUR RULES”

Dark brown is perfect for bringing out your blue eyes, especially if you use it for a smoky eye or gradient effect. Feel free to add more shadow if you want a sultrier look. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop


Looking to truly illuminate your eyes? Just add copper, and you are ready to go. The bronze-orange contrast with the blue makes them incredibly bright. The tip, rich with moisturizing ingredients, is also a plus, thanks to its smooth, easy application. You can play with your makeup looks for your blue eyes according to how you feel and what you want! What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop

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Taupe is a very delicate shade of brown. Blended with copper and dark brown, your look will take on a fabulous glow. This natural eyeshadow in taupe goes well with cooler shades, like blue. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop


This golden eyeshadow is filled with gorgeous sheen, which reflects the light and makes your eyes simply radiant. This is a must have if you want to draw attention to your eyes. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop


Metallic shades make blue eyes pop. So, dare to go bold! This silver tint is great for adding a little bit of light and shine to your look. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop How to Makeup Your Blue Eyes How about we show you how it is done? This will be the best way to get a visual and see how it looks on you. Got blue eyes? Let’s go! Grab your gold, copper, and brown eyeshadows. Roar! Step 1: Apply the natural eyeshadow in copper to the entire lid of your eye.

  • Then use a flexible brush to spread the shadow until it almost reaches your eyebrow, making a dark to light gradient effect.
  • Don’t forget to make it subtle.
  • Step 2: Take the brown pencil and apply it to the outer corner of your eyes, using a brush or your finger to lightly spread it.
  • Step 3: Add a touch of gold shadow to the inner corner of your eyes to make them shine.

Step 4: Use the brown pencil to trace a line at the edge of your upper eyelashes. Step 5: Finish it off by applying a volumizing black or dark brown mascara to your lashes. Want to draw attention to your blue eyes? Don’t forget your brows! Choose a pencil or brow mascara that is close to or the same color as your hair.

Eyebrows give the face its shape and look. So, make sure they are well defined. And what if you added the final touch of clean lipstick for a fabulous mouth? The goal of makeup is to highlight your natural beauty. So be sure to follow just a few rules, without forgetting to have fun and go bold. Remember, you are free.

This makeup for blue eyes will help you shine and make the gorgeous color of your eyes pop. When it comes to applying makeup to your baby blues, see to it that your eyeshadow contrasts with the color of your irises. You can play with several complementary shades for either a soft or daring look.

So, in short: blue eyes pop with colors like orange, copper, brown, and gold, More mysterious colors such as chocolate, gray, and black make your eyes look more intense. You don’t have to go all out for gorgeous makeup. What are your favorite colors to highlight your blue eyes? Do you like to use pastel eyeshadows? You want to take the reins of ALL TIGERS? Just follow us on Instagram and let your voice be heard.

We consult our community every step of the way. Ready to roar? ROAARRR!

How can I intensify my blue eyes?

Blend orange with a pale beige or pink eyeshadow to highlight the bold blue of your eye color. Some gold eyeshadows also have an orange tint, so consider adding a shimmery gold layer for a dramatic look.2. Blue tones: Applying blue eyeshadow is a simple way to enhance the natural intensity of your blue eyes.

How to make blue eyes pop?

How to make blue or grey eyes pop. If your eyes are blue, eye makeup in neutral shades will make your eyes pop. Think rich browns, dusty roses and warming golds, as these eyeshadow colours can be used to create a soft yet subtle smokey eye look that brings out the warm tones, like our Golden Globe Eye Makeup look.

What color eyeliner goes best with blue eyes?

Best Eyeliner Colours For Blue Eyes Darlings, the best eyeliner colours for blue eyes are ones that COMPLEMENT, CONTRAST and ENHANCE the natural colour of your eyes. Ocean blue, midnight sky or piercing turquoise – whatever shade of blue your eyes may be, here are the perfect eyeliner colours to amp up your eye makeup! Blue eyes and blue eyeliner are a magical match made in heaven! As a perfect pop to the waterline or a vibrant take on winged liner, a shade of blue perfectly pairs with the deep, sapphire sparkle that blue eyes naturally have. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop Tilbury Tip: For fans of a BRIGHT, METALLIC eye look, reach for in Super Blue! Shop According to colour theory, you’ll need an orange-based shade to perfectly contrast your blue eyes. Charlotte suggests adding a copper shade to your eye makeup look – by finding a hue that’s a perfect opposite to your eye colour, you can make your blue eyes appear bluer and even more mesmerizing! What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop Charlotte’s in Copper Charge offers a matte warm brown and metallic copper duo that adds a flash of contrast to the lash line. They say opposites attract, and this coppery shade is a perfect choice to make your blue eyes POP ! The famous feline flick works with every eye colour, and what better shade to complete your look with than a classic black liner look? From a subtle cat-eye effect to a dramatic winged liner, adding a blacker-than-black eyeliner to your blue eyes will accentuate your eye colour and give your eye look dreamy definition and dimension. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop Simply called, Charlotte’s effortless eyeliner pencil is perfect for creating her signature smokey eye and feline flick. This artistry-inspired design is essential for mastering your eye makeup, whether you’re tightlining, smoking out the lower lash line or sketching out a SHOW-STOPPING wing!

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Tilbury Tip: If you prefer a liquid eyeliner formula, discover in Panther, Charlotte’s easy-to-use black liquid eyeliner pen for a super precise liner look!

When searching for the best eyeliner colours for blue eyes and EVERY eye colour, a classic nude shade is always a front-runner. Tracing the waterline with a light, illuminating shade gives the illusion of brighter, more open eyes and helps your eye colour appear more saturated. What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop Or, try Charlotte’s in Eye Cheat, a cool-toned nude eyeliner in an easy glide-on kohl formula for BIGGER, BRIGHTER-LOOKING EYES in seconds! Darlings, the best eyeliner colours for blue eyes are the ones that make you feel your most beautiful! Now you’ve learned how to COMPLEMENT, CONTRAST and ENHANCE the look of your blue eyes using some of Charlotte’s magical shades, the time has come to mesmerize the world with your beautiful blues! : Best Eyeliner Colours For Blue Eyes

How can I make my blue eyes look bluer without makeup?

Wear Colors That Bring Out Your Eyes If you have blue eyes, you should wear different shades of blue or black. Lighter blues will make your eyes look light blue while darker sha – : How do you make blue eyes bluer without makeup? | Without makeup, Coloured contact lenses, Blue eyes

What color compliments blue the most?

Blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel, making them ideal complements, as evidenced by this orange lamp and navy wall pairing.

What is a good accent color for blue?

Pairs Well with a Wide Range of Colors – If you’re stumped as to which colors complement blue, the answer is straightforward: practically all of them. In other circumstances, blue acts as a neutral, complementing practically every other color, including vivid colors and more muted neutral tones.

Does silver or gold go better with blue eyes?

Jun 19, 2019 Written by Nisha Puthur Arrow Thin Right Icon What Colors Make Blue Eyes Pop “> Photo Credit: SassyDaily Jewelry has played a significant part in a woman’s life since ages. Be it a form of self-expression or an accessory to complement their outfit, jewelry makes a woman feel beautiful and special. But, did it ever occur that you can use the color of your jewelry to make your eye color stand out? It is said that “eyes are the windows to your soul” as they are the most expressive part of your face. So, why not use the power of colors to enhance these beauties. What to pay attention to? Necklaces and earrings are used to enhance the color of your iris as they are the closest to your face. When choosing jewelry, you need to pick colors that can match or complement the color of your eyes. Other considerations are the size and color intensity. When we say size, we make reference to the amount of color used. For example, if you use big statement earrings or necklaces, then you should keep the color of your attire and makeup to neutral tones. In most cases, you just need a little bit of color to create the desired effect. If you like contrasts better, then intensity of the color is the key. After all, you want your eyes to take center stage. So, choose a color that is less intense than the color of your eyes for a spectacular and dramatic effect. Here is a guide to choosing jewelry colors depending on the natural color of your eyes. Brown eyes Green, purple, blue, brown, teal and turquoise bring out the warmth of brown eyes. For metals, opt for gold or rose gold. Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, show us how to accessorize beautiful brown eyes with the well-chosen earrings or necklaces. Photo 1 Credit: GlamourParis Photo 2 Credit: FlynetPictures via StyleBistro Blue eyes When it comes to choosing jewelry for blue eyes, red, orange, gray, turquoise and blue are the best picks. Regarding metals, blue eyes show up best with silver. Taylor Swift and Zoey Deschanel wear complementary statement jewelry to show off their gorgeous blue eyes. Photo 1 Credit: John Kopaloff via RedBookMag Photo 2 Credit: Desiree Navarro via StyleBistro Green eyes If you have green eyes, go for purple or green. When it comes to metals, you are free to choose any metal color you like. Jennifer Lawrence and Arizona Muse highlight their eye colors through jewelry to make a statement. Photo 1 Credit: Pablo Cuadra via usmagazine Photo 2 Credit: Pascal Le Segretain via Zimbio Hazel eyes Purple, pink, and green work great for hazel eyes. Just like in the case of brown eyes, gold and rose gold are the best when it comes to metals. These beautiful ladies chose the perfect earrings to enhance the intensity of their eye color. Photo 1 Credit: Janet Gough/Aff-usa.com/MEGA via Sabreakingnews Photo 2 Credit: Getty Images via Cosmopolitan

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What color lashes make blue eyes pop?

Blue Eyes – Brown is always a great choice for bringing out bright blue eyes. The darker shade of brown you choose, the more contrast you create, making deep brown lash extensions perfect for blue-eyed beauties headed for a night on the town. Purple adds depth to sky-colored eyes, while yellow will brighten up dark blues.

Can blue eyes turn more blue?

Increased Sun Exposure – As previously mentioned, exposure to light causes your body to produce more melanin. Even if your eye color has set, your eye color could slightly change if you expose your eyes to more sunlight. As a result, your eyes might appear a darker shade of brown, blue, green, or gray, depending on your current eye color.

What causes blue eyes to lighten?

What Causes Eye Color to Change? Changes in eye color can be as captivating as they are concerning. By understanding what can cause eye colors to change, you can determine if what you’re experiencing is typical or if you should see a visionary eye doctor.

  • Here is a look at common causes of eye color changes.
  • Natural Age-Related Eye Color Changes One of the most common situations that leads to changes in eye color occurs in children.
  • When a baby is born, their eyes are usually lighter or bluer.
  • Mainly, this is because a newborn hasn’t had sun exposure, so the melanin in their eyes isn’t fully developed.

As they are exposed to light, melanin production increases, causing the color of their eyes to shift. However, eye color changes can also occur as a person ages. Those with lighter color eyes – especially Caucasians – may see their eyes lighten over time.

The pigment slow degrades over time, resulting in less color. Other Situations Leading to Eye Color Changes Sun Exposure Since melanin plays a role in eye color, exposure to the sun can lead to eye color changes. Usually, it requires prolonged exposure and results in the irises darkening. Medical Treatments Some medications may alter eye color.

One prime example was a name-brand eyelash growth serum that was available by prescription. While the side effect was rare and usually required the drops to be applied to the eye – not the lash line, as it was meant to be used – a chemical in the serum could have the ability to impact eye pigments.

It’s also possible for other medications and surgeries to result in eye color changes. If that’s a potential side effect of a treatment, your eye care specialist will discuss it in advance. Nearby Colors In some cases, it may look like your eye color has changed when, in reality, your eyes are the same color.

Changes to the size of your pupils can cause your eye color to appear slightly different. Partially, this is because your limbal ring (the darker ring on the outside of the iris) is closer to the pupil’s edge. This can make your eye color appear darker because less of the iris is visible.

  • Additionally, other colors near your eyes may impact how your eye color is perceived.
  • For example, your clothing, makeup, hair, and glasses frame color may all influence the apparent hue of your irises.
  • However, most of that is an illusion.
  • When a different color is near your eye, slight reflections of those shades might make your eye color seem different, even though it isn’t.

In a similar vein, changing the colors that are near your eyes may create more or less contrast than is usually there, making the hue seem stronger or weaker due to an adjustment in the comparison. Similarly, crying, allergies, or other activities that cause the sclera – the white part of the eye – to redden may make the irises seem slightly different.

  • Again, this is because the area near the iris changed hues, not because the iris itself is a new color.
  • Medical Conditions There are medical conditions that can lead to shifts in eye color.
  • Heterochromia – a condition that causes a person to have two different colored irises or more than one color in a single iris – may result in color changes.

Horner’s syndrome may cause the eyes to lighten. Pigmentary glaucoma and Fuch’s heterochromic uveitis – an inflammatory condition – may also result in changes to the iris. The same goes for eye melanoma, a type of cancer. Consult a Reputable Eye Doctor The eye care specialists in Buffalo, NY at ECVA take the safety and health of our patients’ eyes seriously.