What Do Dark Brown Eyes Say About Your Personality?

What Do Dark Brown Eyes Say About Your Personality
Dark Brown/Black – Pure black eyes are one of the rarest to find. It’s mostly a very dark shade of brown. In this case, you’re a natural born leader or at least that’s how people see you. You’re mysterious, confident and intuitive. Since your eye colour is on the darker side, there is more melanin in your system; which means you tend to drink less,

What do very dark brown eyes mean?

People with dark brown eyes have more melanin on the back layer of their iris, and eyes with very little (or no) melanin on the front layer of the iris appear more blue, green, or even hazel. Usually eye color is determined by genetic traits, which are handed down from your parents.

Does eye colour affect personality?

Are you generally quick-witted or able to solve problems at the snap of a finger? Or maybe you know how to handle your stress like a pro? Or perhaps you’ve got a really wicked backhand. If you relate to any of these, it could be due to the color of your eyes.

In fact, science has found that our eye color can tell us a lot about who we are and can help to determine our personality traits. We already know how much emotion the eyes can show, but it turns out that they also play a role in our personalities. A study conducted at the Orebro University in Sweden found that the genes responsible for forming our brains’ frontal lobes affect our eye color as well.

Because of this, the scientists reason, people with the same eye color may share personality traits. And that isn’t the only scientific study linking eye color to personality. Edinburgh University psychologist Dr. Anthony Fallone came to a similar conclusion when studying the subject.

  1. The eye is so closely linked neurologically to the brain that you might call it the only part of our brain you can see from the outside,” Dr.
  2. Fallone says.
  3. It seems to hold vital clues to our brain function.” Researchers have found that the color of our eyes may hold significant insight into our behaviors, mental health and tolerance to pain.
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Do eyes reveal your personality?

The shape of eyes can predict your character Eyes can reveal many aspects of a person’s character. Their movements as well as looks are crucial. Often referred to as the reflection of the mind, eyes give an idea of a person’s thoughts and feelings. Moreover, the shape of eyes also contain clues to personality traits.

  1. Large and wide eyes People with such eyes are likely to have a broad mind and are willing to accept different viewpoints.
  2. They will also be keen to help other people.
  3. Such persons are most likely to be blessed with artistic talents.
  4. However, others may take advantage of the people with large and wide eyes as they maintain honesty in relationships.

Small eyes Such people will always display their true emotions. They have a special ability to focus on the task at hand and complete it on schedule. They will acquire expertise and excellence in the field of choice. Another trait is their intelligence that helps them foresee matters.

  • However, people with small eyes do not trust others easily and are often accused of being insolent.
  • Almond-shaped eyes Eyes that are a little wide at the middle and joining evenly at both ends like an almond is a sign of beauty.
  • Such persons maintain an alert in all activities.
  • This makes them capable of tackling any adverse situation.
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Though they may not be willing to express their true feelings, they are good at heart. Round eyes Creative persons, people with round eyes try to engage in activities that they love in order to spread happiness in the world. But they are haunted by different kinds of emotions on various occasions and show a tendency to engage in impractical thoughts.

They easily attract the attention of others and are loved by all. Wide space between eyes The space between two eyes is a major pointer to one’s personality. Having the space of an eye’s length is considered auspicious. However, not all eyes are placed in this manner. It is found that people having a big gap between both eyes are eager to take up new things.

They will be the first to follow new trends and fashions. But it is seen that this makes such people struggle to complete their regular daily chores. Still, they can adapt to any new situation and would be broadminded. Eyes placed close to each other It is noticed that people having a very small space between both eyes maintain a conservative attitude.

Why are my eyes so dark they look black?

1. Black Eyes – Have you ever seen someone with eyes that seem black as night? Although they appear black, they are really just a very, very dark brown, which is caused by an abundance of melanin. You may only be able to determine the pupil from the iris when looking at the eye with a bright light!