What Hair Colors Look Good With Green Eyes?

What Hair Colors Look Good With Green Eyes
The Best Hair Colors For Green Eyes

  • Butterscotch. A rich butterscotch hair color will beautifully complement your green eyes.
  • Chocolate.
  • Auburn.
  • Black.
  • Strawberry Blonde.
  • Platinum.
  • Espresso.
  • Burgundy.

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How rare are green eyes?

What’s the Rarest Eye Color, and Why? Juliet White / Getty Images At some point, you’ve probably wondered what the rarest eye color is. The answer is green, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO). Only about 2 percent of the world’s population sport this shade.

As to why, that answer isn’t so simple. “We used to think only one gene determined eye color,” says Julie Kaplan, M.D., a physician at the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare at the Cleveland Clinic. In high school biology class, for example, you probably learned that brown was dominant and blue was recessive, so two blue-eyed parents would not be able to have a baby with brown eyes.

The truth, however, is a bit more complicated, Kaplan notes.

What nationality is green eyes?

Rare Green Eyes – Lots of genetic traits are rare. For example, left-handedness occurs in just 10% of the world’s population, only 11% have naturally curly hair, and a mere 4% have blonde hair. But of all of the seven billion-plus people on planet Earth, only 2% can claim to have one unique trait.

  1. So, what is this trait so few of us have? Green eyes.
  2. Yes, only 2 percent of the population of the entire world have them.
  3. How does that compare to other colors? Brown eyes are most common, as many of you would guess, with 79% of people born with them.
  4. Blue is found in 8% of people, 5% of us are hazel-eyed, and 5% have eyes of amber.
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Essentially, green eyes are unique. Most common in Western, Northern, and Central Europe, green eyes often point to German or Celtic ancestry. Currently, they can be found most often in Iceland, the Netherlands, Scotland, Britain, and Scandinavia. In Britain, brown eyes are, interestingly, even more rare than green eyes, with 22 percent of residents being brown-eyed.

By comparison, nearly one-third of residents have green eyes. Interestingly, green eyes may not appear in children until age three, as pigmentation takes time to form and then to appear. If eyes are, as they say, “windows of the soul,” then green-eyed have the rarest souls around. As a color, green is often associated with negative emotions like jealousy (Shakespeare’s Othello has a quote that calls envy “the green-ey’d monster”).

Still, plenty of people think green is one of the most alluring eye colors. Green eyes can be emerald- or lime-hued, creating a look that is both mysterious and attractive. What Hair Colors Look Good With Green Eyes

Which nationality has the most green eyes?

Did you know? –

The largest concentration of green eyed people is in Ireland, Scotland and Northern Europe. In Ireland and Scotland, 86% of people have either blue or green eyes. There have been 16 genes identified that contribute to eye colour. This means that no matter what colour eyes your parents have, yours can be pretty much any colour. All races, including Caucasian, African, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Arabic, Hispanic and the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas can have green eyes.

What is prettier blue or green eyes?

What Hair Colors Look Good With Green Eyes If you have green eyes, you have good reason to be happy about it. Though the color green often is associated with envy (even a character in Shakespeare’s Othello refers to jealousy as “the green-ey’d monster”), many people consider green to be the most attractive eye color. What Hair Colors Look Good With Green Eyes

  1. Green: 20.3%
  2. Light blue: 16.9%
  3. Hazel: 16.0%
  4. Dark blue: 15.2%
  5. Gray: 10.9%
  6. Honey: 7.9%
  7. Amethyst: 6.9%
  8. Brown: 5.9%
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Part of the appeal of green eyes may be their rarity. Reliable statistics of the distribution of eye colors are difficult to find, but some sources put the worldwide prevalence of green eyes at only 2%. On the other hand, a multi-year survey of students at Iowa State University found the prevalence of green eyes to be 15.2%.

What is the most attractive hair and eye color combination on a woman?

What is the most attractive hair and eye color combination? – Overall, men find women with brown hair and blue eyes to the sexiest and most attractive. So it looks like a lot of men would agree with Brad Pitt and pick brunette Angelina Jolie over (sometimes) blonde Jennifer Aniston. Who knew?! RELATED: This British Woman Has The World’s Most Scientifically Beautiful Face

What is the rarest eye color with hair color?

Do You Have This Hair and Eye Colour Combo? – Your parents are liars. When they told you as a kid that you were entirely unique and also had the rarest possible hair and eye colour combination in humans, they were misleading you. Green eyes are uncommon, sure, but your deep ash blonde hair doesn’t quite make the cut in terms of rare genetics.

  1. Here are six foods that improve your eyesight,) The title of rarest hair colour/eye colour combination belongs to red haired folks with blue eyes.
  2. According to Medical Daily, both the blue eye trait and the red hair trait are recessive, so their likelihood of simultaneous appearance is pretty slim.
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Just ask anyone who’s pieced together a Punnett Square, (Discover 13 home remedies for dry and damaged hair,) Red hair alone occurs with a frequency of one to two per cent of the human population, while blue eyes occur in approximately 17 per cent of the human population.

  • Technically, that would mean 0.17 per cent (or about 13 million people) of the world’s population have red hair and blue eyes.
  • But since several factors play into the likelihood of that combination, that math is difficult to confirm.
  • Either way, the combo is the rarest on the planet, and if you happen to have a red-hair, blue-eyed pal, don’t forget to share the fun fact.

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