Why Are Derek Hale’S Eyes Blue?

Why Are Derek Hale
10 Things You Somehow Missed In Teen Wolf In the series, canine shifters (werewolves and werecoyotes) can have three eye colors – yellow gold, icy blue, or an intimidating red. Gold is the most common eye color among werewolves, as it is the original eye color of every canine shapeshifter whether they are born a shifter or bitten.

  • However, once a werewolf takes an innocent life, its eyes change to blue.
  • When a werewolf reaches alpha status, its eyes will glow red.
  • The only two characters in the series to have all three eye colors are Derek Hale and his uncle Peter Hale.
  • Peter had gold as a young Beta werewolf, blue eyes after his first innocent kill, and red eyes as an Alpha.

His eyes also turned blue again when he came back to life in Season Two. Derek Hale had the most eye color changes in the series. He had gold eyes as a teenager, his eyes turned blue when he mercy-killed his girlfriend Paige after she was bitten by his uncle, and his eyes changed to red when he became an alpha of the Hale Pack by killing Peter.

Why was Derek’s eyes yellow?

bonkers WHY DOES DEREK HAVE YELLOW EYES NOW? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? assuming everything we’ve been told about werewolf eye color is correct and not going to be retconned, we know that:

red: alphayellow/gold: any werewolf that is not an alpha (which includes both betas and omegas)blue: beta or omega who has taken an innocent life

now we don’t actually know the ins and outs of how the blue eyes work. peter commented that taking an innocent life takes something from you, from your soul but he didn’t elaborate. so is it from the guilt of having taken an innocent life? i really don’t think so because i doubt peter’s eyes would be blue.

I really don’t think he feels any guilt for the lives he’s taken. is it just from the knowledge of having taken an innocent life? that’s possible (though kind of stupid tbh) which could mean that whatever happened to turn derek back also made him lose his memories. did derek “redeem” himself by peace-ing out on kate and coming to scott & co’s aid? that’s another possibility.

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but i don’t like this one either because it implies that he did some heinous thing to paige. which, arranging for her to get the bite without consulting her IS egregious. but it was also the result of peter’s manipulations. and derek taking her life with his own hands was an act of mercy.

of all the terrible things these characters have done, i don’t know that that’s the one that needs to be redeemed? (please don’t take this as me absolving derek of any blame here. i’m just saying it’s a little more complicated than ‘derek killed someone’.) it could have something to do with what kate did to him.

she didn’t just de-age him. back at deaton’s they noticed a few things about him: 1.) he was extremely cold 2.) his pulse was extremely elevated and 3.) he was healing way faster than normal. it could be some residual side effect somehow. maybe, in keeping with the recurring theme of teen wolf, it’s about the power of human love.

Can you take a true Alphas power?

Alphas Alphas are the top rank in the canine shapeshifter hierarchy and they are the most powerful. They are typically the leaders in a pack. An Alphas eyes will glow red when they shapeshift. An Alpha can form a supernatural pack with other shapeshifters of a lower rank (Beta/Omega.

  • Supernatural Rules An Alpha can create the mystical, symbiotic bond between them and the lesser ranked canine shapeshifters that form/join their pack, thus enabling the lower ranks to become betas.
  • An Alphas claws or fangs can disrupt the healing factor of another shapeshifter leaving longer lasting wounds.
  • Ascension Rules
  • • Conquest: A dominant shifter decisively or firmly establishes leadership amongst a number of other pack mates, gaining a fellowship of subordinates, granting them the Alpha spark of power.

• Inheritance: A defined line of succession comes into play, granting a most likeliest shifter an Alpha spark. Upon the previous Alphas demise, the most capable, most experienced werewolf steps up to lead the pack. • Theft: A beta or Omega kills their present Alpha, thus stealing the Alphas power.

  • After the Alpha is killed the Beta/Omega will gain the Alpha status.
  • Another way is to be a True Alpha.
  • True Alpha A True Alpha is a shapeshifter who rises to the Alpha rank solely on the strength and purity of their character and sheer force of will.
  • True Alphas are extremely rare, only appearing every 100 years.
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Supernatural Rules (True Alpha) One cannot rise to this status if they have taken a life.A True Alphas status and power cannot be taken, stolen were they to be killed like a regular Alpha except for a Beta of their own making. Transformation Alpha shapeshifters are able to create new werewolves, or other new shifters, out of human beings by using their fangs or claws.

  1. ‘The Bite’ is the more effective method of accomplishing this.
  2. A scratch not so easy.
  3. For one the claws must go deep, I.e.
  4. Clawing out someone’s throat, but there’s still no guarantee.
  5. Once the process starts the human victim will normally transform into a new Beta werewolf.However, the transformative process could transform the recipient into som other shapeshifter.

“Sometimes the shape you take, reflects the person you are” The bite requires no act of will from the Alpha. If someone where to make an Alpha bite them and the Alpha being unwilling you would still count as being bitten.If the Bite isn’t successful in making the recipient change it will eventually kill them.

If a Banshee is bitten by an Alpha the banshee will not be effected, they will neither transform or die because they are immune. A bite or scratch can be used to activate the said banshee’s innate abilities. The Bite The bite, refers to a bite from an Alpha shapeshifter. This action is commonly used to turn a human into a new canine werecreature, wolf or coyote.

Roar The Roar is an Alphas main supernatural weapon. By roaring, an Alpha asserts their dominance, supernatural rank and influence over their fellow pack mates or demonstrate their great power over other shapeshifters. Using the roar, an Alpha shapeshifter can energise and stimulate their betas so they can accomplish high level tasks, heightening their fortitude and powers in dangerous situations and fight back against enemies.

  1. Homicide Absorbtion
  2. If an Alpha kills a member of their own pack, the power of the deceased will be added to the Alphas power.
  3. In some cases Alphas have murdered each member of their pack, consuming all their power and making them incredibly powerful.
  4. Next Chapter: Betas and Omegas
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: Alphas

What werewolf has purple eyes?

Anuk-ite – The Anuk-ite, a powerful and ancient indigenous American shapeshifter, possessed glowing purple eyes similar to those possessed by the Chimera Josh Diaz, While the Anuk-ite was separated into two halves, one human and one supernatural, the supernatural half (in the form of the Beta Werewolf Quinn Finch ) had glowing purple irises.

What color is a vampires eyes?

Twilight: What Different Vampire Eye Colors Mean –

05 November 2022 Screen Rant

The Twilight franchise had its very own unique version of vampires, and among their most defining physical characteristics was the differing colors of their vampire eyes — here’s why they changed and what each color of vampire eye means in Twilight,

Starting with Stephanie Meyer’s book series of the same name, the story at the heart of Twilight features a long timeline that, although the focus is on the present, has backstory going back 1500 years. Throughout that history, characters’ eye color changes, based on their current lifestyle and choices.

When Bella meets Edward, he has black eyes, which days later change to gold, and she even asks him if he’s wearing contacts. In the world of Twilight, when vampires have black eyes it means they need to feed. A vampire’s eyes will go from their natural color, which depends on their diet, to black, darkening more and more the thirstier they get.