Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes?

Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes
The Mystery Of Blue Eyed Zombies In Army Of The Dead – Blue eyed zombie Coming back to the big question: Who are the blue-eyed zombies and why did we see only a few of them? The simplest explanation is the blue-eyed zombies in Army of the Dead aren’t zombies at all. They are actually robots that are living in the zombie kingdom of Las Vegas.

  1. At first, it seems like a fluke that somehow got through post-production.
  2. But that’s not the case as Zack Snyder actually confirmed that there will be robot zombies in the movie way before it came out.
  3. He revealed this info during a Q&A about the film hosted by Netflix.
  4. Snyder discussed how he wanted to show the evolution of zombies to “becoming something else, not stagnant like the zombies we’re used to.” Snyder also revealed that he wanted to impart a “weird ambiguity to their origins” which will be explained further in the animated series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas,

“If you pay close attention, there’s a number of zombies that are clearly not zombies,” said Snyder. And this is the most crucial piece of evidence which clearly suggests that the blue-eyed zombies in Army of the Dead are actually robots. You can spot the zombies with blue eyes throughout Army of the Dead,

Who controls zombies with blue eyes?

r/CODZombies – Evidence of Zombie’s Eye Color Meaning There is an excerpt from the timeline which may help with discovering how the zombie’s eye color works. In the beginning dimension, what we know for a fact is that yellow eyes means Samantha is controlling them, blue eyes means Richtofen is controlling them, and orange eyes means Maxis is controlling them.

This is proved in Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2. In Moon and Nuketown Zombies, the eyes switch from yellow to blue when Richtofen switches bodies with Samantha. In Buried, the eyes switch to orange when completing the Maxis side of the easter egg. This only applies for the beginning dimension though. Origins and Black Ops 3 caused some confusion as to what the eye color meant because in these maps, Samantha supposedly never entered the MPD.

We know that The Giant and Der Eisendrache take place in the same dimension as the beginning dimension (but became a fracture), but we do not know why Samantha never entered the pyramid (perhaps this will be answered in the next game). But in Shadows of Evil, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi, and Revelations, we definitely know that Samantha never went in the MPD.

  • I was reading through the timeline today and came across a couple excerpts that provide some insight on how the eyes work: “The Aether Pyramid: The corrupted Keepers create the Aether Pyramid, a device capable of absolute power.
  • A schism forms between them and the Keepers untainted by the Dark Aether.” “The War of Agartha Ends: Facing defeat, the Corrupted Keepers hide the Aether Pyramid on a moon within one of the newly discovered dimensions.

After banishing the Corrupted Keepers to the Dark Aether beneath creation, the remaining Keepers take on the mantle of Guardians. Trapped in the Dark Aether, The Corrupted Keepers contort and evolve over Eons, ultimately becoming the Apothicons. They desire, above all else, to return to Agartha.” So now we know that the Aether Pyramid (the MPD) is a device that allows absolute power (control over the zombies).

The timeline says, “Facing defeat, the Corrupted Keepers hide the Aether Pyramid on a moon within one of the newly discovered dimensions.” From this we see that there is only ONE of these pyramids in the entirety of zombies, just like how there is only one Summoning Key. So we know that whoever has control of the MPD has control of the zombies.

But if the MPD is unoccupied (like in Nacht Der Untoten, Verruckt, Origins, and Black Ops 3) then the eyes could either be yellow, red, or whatever color the knights were in Origins. Jason Blundell, when asked about the eye colors, has said that “sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn’t.” Perhaps he meant it matters when the MPD is occupied, but it doesn’t when it isn’t because it’s just the Apothicons or something.

  • This is the only part we do not understand.
  • What do the unoccupied MPD eye colors mean? In an interview with Jason Blundell, he states that the overlords that the Shadowman speaks about in Shadows of Evil are the ones controlling the Margwas.
  • Presumably, the same things that control the Margwas are the same things that control the zombies/ parasites/ meatballs.

My theory is that when the MPD is unoccupied, the ‘overlords’ (probably Apothicons) control the zombies. This still doesn’t explain the demonic announcer though. Why does Samantha share the same voice as the Apothicons, and why does her voice change in Origins, and why is it still the same voice when the map features red eyed zombies? Questions remain.

Nacht-Verruckt: OverlordsShi No Numa-Moon: SamanthaTranzit-Buried: RichtofenBuried: MaxisWhen the MPD is unoccupied or not in the dimension, the overlords control the zombies. In Dimension 63:Origins: Overlords

Mob of the Dead: ??? Shadows of Evil: Overlords In Fractures: The Giant-Zetsubou No Shima: Overlords Gorod Krovi-Revelations: ??? We still do not fully understand the demonic announcer. : r/CODZombies – Evidence of Zombie’s Eye Color Meaning

Why were some of the zombies in Army of the Dead Robots?

This Army of the Dead article contains spoilers. Zack Snyder’s return to the zombie genre that made him an A-list blockbuster director back in 2004 is as outrageous as you’d expect. While Army of the Dead ‘s “heist inside a zombie quarantine zone” flick is actually a pretty straightforward affair in terms of the plot, there are quite a few things Snyder does with his undead baddies that have never really been done on-screen before.

  • Some things are more overt than others, such as the smart “alpha” zombies that can have sex and reproduce, which means they no longer have to bite human victims to grow their numbers.
  • They can simply make more zombies the old-fashioned way to build out their “kingdom.” Add the fact that alphas can also ride horses, put on armor, carry weapons, and even communicate with each other, and you’ve got a pretty unique vision of what a zombie movie can be in 2021, regardless of whether you like the final product or not.

Alphas aren’t the only zombies introduced in Army of the Dead, though. There’s a far more mysterious “undead” creature roaming the Vegas casinos of Snyder’s new zombie universe: a robot zombie that appears in one shot of the movie and which has become the subject of heavy speculation among the director’s fans.

  1. First of all, is there really a robot zombie in the movie? Yes, according to Snyder, who even asked a Polygon journalist during an interview if they’d “caught the robot zombie” in the movie.
  2. The robot cameo is a blink-and-you’ll-miss it moment.
  3. As Scott (Dave Bautista) and what remains of his squad of thieves fight their way out of the casino at the end of the movie, they shoot a zombie in the face, revealing what looks like its metallic skull and a blue eye, features that are often more closely tied to androids or cyborgs in genre fiction.

The body also seems to short circuit as it falls to the floor, with a blue flash that also resembles the blue-ish insides that gush out of the alphas when they’re killed. So what exactly is going on here? The movie doesn’t reveal the origin of the robot zombie, or if there are others like it, but Snyder did suggest some possibilities in a Q&A about the film ( via Comic Book ).

  1. If you pay close attention, there’s a number of zombies that are clearly not zombies.
  2. You see normal zombies and then you see some robot zombies.
  3. Are they monitors that the government has placed among the zombies to monitor them? Are they technology from the other world? What’s happening there?” We know the shadowy American government of Army of the Dead has secret plans for the alphas trapped inside Las Vegas.

While a gung-ho president wants to make a spectacle out of nuking the crap out of the city on the Fourth of July, the Secretary of Defense is secretly plotting with Hiroyuki Sanada’s Bly Tanaka to extract an alpha specimen from the quarantine zone, which the military will use to create a literal army of the dead, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

The robot zombies might have been the government’s way to learn more about the undead and their behavior, and how best to weaponize them against enemy nations. But in his answer, Snyder also teases “the other world,” which could tie back to the movie’s opening scene. At the start of the film, the two soldiers unknowingly transporting Zeus, the original alpha zombie, discuss the shipping container’s origin.

One soldier suggests to the other that it’s from Area 51 and that it might have something to do with aliens, While it’s never addressed again in the movie, this brief conversation implies that Zeus might not be from this planet at all, and that his bite infects his victims with some sort of alien virus that turns them into the smarter (but no less bloodthirsty) alphas.

Yet, Snyder also suggests an earthly explanation to Polygon: “Like, is he some sort of covert bioweapon?” The same could go for the robot zombie. It could be man-made or something not from this world. Either way, the robot is further proof that not all is as it seems in the movie. Maybe Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) is right and someone’s messing with the fabric of time, too.

All seems possible at this point! Join our mailing list Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! Ultimately, Snyder is saving the answers for the larger cinematic universe he’s creating for Netflix. An anime prequel series called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas will focus on the start of the outbreak, an event that is only briefly covered in the opening credits montage (the best scene of the movie).

In an interview with IndieWire, producer Deborah Snyder teased that the movie could explore the alien plot line further: “We hint in the movie that we’re coming from Area 51, so maybe there’s a sci-fi element to it.” Meanwhile, Army of Thieves, a prequel directed by and starring Matthias Schweighöfer, follows German safecracker Ludwig Dieter and what he was up to before joining Scott’s team.

Deborah Snyder described Thieves as “a romantic comedy heist film” that’s “not like a zombie movie. It’s more like The Italian Job, but it takes place in a world where these zombies exist in America and it’s causing instability in the banking institutions.” The movie is due out later this year.

What was the baby in Army of the Dead?

Debut. The zombie fetus was Zeus and Athena’s unborn child.

What happened to Vanderohe in Army of the Dead?

Götterdämmerung heist –

Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes “You know, when we were in it, like, when we were really in it, I never thought about the faces of all the countless monsters, but now I just realized, you know, were people. But now their faces, that’s all I see.”

img class=’aligncenter wp-image-189362 size-full’ src=’https://www.volvox.lu/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/bylivytida.png’ alt=’Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes’ /> Vanderohe makes his final stand against Zeus Vanderohe was one of three remaining founding members of Las Vengeance, and as such was one of the three members of the new team offered the largest share of the $50 million fee the group was getting for retrieving Bly Tanaka ‘s vault contents.

  1. His share was to be $15 million.
  2. He thought the mission might be cathartic, and agreed to go back into the deadly Las Vegas quarantine zone.
  3. Ludwig Dieter took a quick liking to Vanderohe, following the latter’s lead.
  4. Vanderohe was initially unimpressed, but came to understand and respect Dieter’s passion.

Vanderohe, Dieter, and Mikey Guzman formed the team that would break into the Götterdämmerung to retrieve the $200 million cash from within, and though Dieter’s safecracking was a success, the Las Vegas horde attacked as the group packed up the money, Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Vanderohe arrives at the airport Vanderohe didn’t reemerge from the safe until after the nuclear strike on the city, Carrying all the money he could, he made his way out of the shattered city and made it to an airport, He used some of his newfound cash to rent a private jet to Mexico City to hunt down Torrance,

Are zombies deaf?

Can Zombies Hear? – The American Academy of Audiology Several years ago, neuroscientists Bradley Voytek and Tim Verstynen merged their love of science and zombies in their book Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep ? In the book, Voytek and Verstynen consider many of the common zombie phenotypical presentations: slow unsteady gait, slurred speech, hunger, cognition issues, etc.

  1. For example, they report that zombies have classic signs of Wernicke’s aphasia, hence their inability to communicate outside of constant moaning.
  2. While according to Voytek and Verstynen the zombie brain has issues, they claim their senses and motor control remain intact.
  3. Voytek and Verstynen provide a reasonable explanation for the zombies excellent sense of smell, but normal hearing? Here, we can agree to disagree.

Any audiologist or hearing scientist worth their weight in cerumen is familiar with the work of George von Bekesy see Békésy G. Zur Theorie des Hörens; die Schwingungsform der Basilarmembran. Phys Zeits.1928;29:793–810. Bekesy’s experimental demonstration of the cochlear traveling wave in 1928 was pioneering; yet, the high stimulus levels and the post-mortem preparations confounded his findings.

  1. It would be many years later before the demonstration of cochlear amplification and hair cell motility would be demonstrated in in vivo preparations.
  2. Nonetheless, maybe Bekesy’s work can provide insight on our zombie conundrum.
  3. It is well described that zombies maintain some level of neurological function in the reanimation process, but they have limited to no vascular function and their body fluids tend to be viscous in nature.

Applying these physiological limitations to the inner ear we must conclude that zombies likely lack normal hearing sensitivity. First, the lack of vascular supply likely limits the function of the stria vascularis resulting in atrophy and a compromised endocochlear potential.

  • The diminished driving force would almost surely result in outer hair cell dysfunction.
  • Second, the increased viscosity of the cochlear fluids would also likely further compromise mechanotransduction and activation of either the outer hair cell or the inner hair cell.
  • Yet, the intact nature of the neural portion of the system may still allow some level of hearing.

If consistent with Bekesy’s work we can assume that the zombie likely has a lack of cochlear amplification and loss of non-linearity compromising both sensitivity and dynamic range. Applying Bekesy’s post-mortem data we can estimate that zombies likely have at least a moderately-severe sensorineural hearing loss.

Why does Allison have white hair in zombies?

Early Life – Not much of her past is known, except for what is told to us from Addison herself and what was shown, implied or hinted in the Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 3 film. She was born sometime in 2003-2004 in Seabrook to A-Mishanta and Dale Wells, When Addison was born, she appeared with natural white hair for some reason, that we now know is because she’s an alien and since she had no contact with her people, her hair lost its color.

  1. But at the time, the doctors had no idea why her hair was white.
  2. The doctors thought she might have a disease or something.
  3. Addison started wearing a blonde wig to hide her real hair.
  4. She had to wear a wig via her parents orders so that the people of Seabrook don’t make fun of her or be prejudiced to Addison because her natural hair color.

Addison also mentioned that she wanted to be a member of the cheer squad when she was a child.

Is Zeus the first zombie?

Before the outbreak – Not much is known about the life Richards led as a human, however he was a soldier involved with work at Area 51 in some capacity. He volunteered to participate in Torrance ‘s experiment with an alien sickness, which would unexpectedly lead to him becoming the first zombie,

Why do zombies eyes glow?

Examples: – open/close all folders Anime & Manga

Berserk : Both the Skull Knight and his ghastly horse are creatures of the undead, with dark, cavernous eye sockets lit by glowing eyes. The skeletons animated by the evil spirits attracted to Guts’ Brand in volume 1 are the same way. Digimon : Artwork of MadLeomon, an undead and berserk Leomon, has its eyes glowing a sinister red. In Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), Alphonse is a character whose soul has been bonded to an empty suit of armor, yet the eye holes in the suit glow a pinkish color. Later the brothers encounter others of the same condition who also have glowing eyes. This seems to only be visible to the audience, as if they are “asleep”, the characters don’t notice. All vampires and ghouls in Hellsing OVAs have eyes that glow either occasionally or constantly depending on the character. Alucard, the protagonist is especially prone of this, and his eyes often seem like lamps in dark conditions. The vampire eyes glow red or blue, while the ghouls settle for purple. Ainz Ooal Gown of Overlord has glowing red pinpoints in his eye sockets, which occasionally flare into full red flames for dramatic effect. Wise Man of the “Chronicles of Nemesis” arc, R season from the Sailor Moon manga and anime respectively. In Soul Eater, Sid, who is a zombie, has these.

Comic Books Fan Works Films — Animation Films — Live-Action Gamebooks

The Helghast (plural) in the Lone Wolf gamebook series, as shown with several illustrations. Note that they are shapeshifters, and thus their eyes don’t glow while in human form, as it would give them away. (The glow may be a side effect of the psychic attack that a Helghast is trying to melt your brain with.) Most other undead in the series avert this. The skeletal Vordaks still have human eyeballs, while some zombies either have eyes or just rotting eye sockets.


Discworld :

ZigZagged with Death is a personification of the process of dying, not an undead creation. Further, his eyes are a rather soothing blue light, they only turn red when he’s enraged such as in Mort or when Rincewind’s name is mentioned to him in Eric, Traditional example shows up in Reaper Man where the newly “non-alive” Windle Poons is described as having eyes like gimlets. And they don’t mean the dwarf who runs that delicatessen on Cable Street,

Bob the Skull in The Dresden Files, More precisely, Bob is the glowing eyelights — he’s an air spirit that looks like a cloud of glimmering motes that happens to live in a skull, rather than an undead being. In the Goosebumps book The Ghost Next Door, Danny’s ghost in the Shadow World chases Hannah, red eyes glowing.

In Stephen King’s It, the eponymous monster’s true form glows with “the deadlights”, which can be a deadly Brown Note when viewed directly. In The Laundry Files by Charles Stross, infection by one of the gibbering extradimensional horrors the Laundry fights against is marked by eyes full of what appear to be glowing, seething worms.

In The Lord of the Rings :

The Ringwraiths are sometimes depicted with eyelights, which “glow with a hellish fire” when they’re angry. The Barrow-wights had the same effect. Rather chilling, since it’s the only feature Frodo’s actually able to make out.

The Stalkers in Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines, being Cyborg – zombie Super Soldiers, have their eyes replaced with green lights. Ghost dogs with glowing eyes attack a gangster’s former home every other night in the Nancy Drew novel Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, In Simon R. Green ‘s Nightside series, Merlin Satanspawn has empty eye sockets filled with flames. He’s the Devil’s son, and every time these eyes are mentioned it’s commented that “he has his father’s eyes”. He’s first met as an undead, but when his live version is encountered (while time traveling to the era of Arthurian Legend in Paths Not Taken ) he already has the freaky flaming eye-sockets. The Greater Dead in Garth Nix ‘s Old Kingdom trilogy have fiery pits for eyes; some of the more powerful Lesser Dead demonstrate this as well. Necromancers have a lesser version of this (physical eyes are still there, but they’re described as burning), depending on how long they’ve been using Free Magic. While it’s not visible in the infamous illustration, the murdered girl’s ghost in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is described as having a faint blue glow emanating from her empty eye sockets. In A Song of Ice and Fire, people and animals killed and raised by the Others have their eyes turned a bright, cold blue, which can then glow when they’re being particularly active in undeath. The Others themselves have similarly coloured eyes, but their undead status is both highly questionable and very unlikely. As well as this, people resurrected by the magic of R’hllor, though not conventionally undead, have a distinct red glow in their eyes at times. Any people possibly resurrected by the Drowned God? No glowing observed in Patchface, as yet. Creepily vacant, though. Star Wars Legends : The title Jedi ghost of Galaxy of Fear : Ghost of the Jedi first appears, when Tash can see him clearly, with empty eyes. As she talks to him and needs his help a flicker of light comes to them, strengthening to a steady glow. All undead in The Wandering Inn have magical glowing flames in their eyes or eye-sockets. Uniquely, the benign revenant King Fetohep’s have a golden glow. His fellow Revenants of Khelt exhibit various variations in the colour and size of their eye-lights.

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Live-Action TV

In Fort Boyard, the King of Silence is a skeleton gisant, and if woken up (or at the end of the challenge anyway) it springs up with red glows in its eye sockets. Supernatural : In their debut, vampires’ eyes exhibit eyeshine when light hits them a certain way in the dark. However, this trait seems to have vanished in all their subsequent appearances.


Eddie, the undead mascot of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, has semi-skeletal facial features and empty eye sockets with this trope in full display. Sometimes his eyelights are flames, sometimes lightning, occasionally something else, but they’re present in almost every appearance of the character from album art to merchandise to the huge animatronic stage puppets appearing on tour.

Music Videos

The zombie gorillas in the video for the Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood” have glowing red eyelights and apparently no eyeballs (as can be seen when one of them disintegrates). They otherwise look just like living gorillas, except for having blue fur for some reason. The eyes of the undead troops in the video for Raubtier’s Achtung Panzer glow red as they rise, as do those of the zombie tankers. They seem to glow the same colour as the tanks’ headlamps.

Myths & Religion

The jikininki of Japanese folklore, who are said to be the ghosts of self-centered or impious people, have glowing eyes.


Bone Busters has One-Eye, a disembodied skull who taunts the player, and his one remaining eyeball glows. Elvira and the Party Monsters has a laughing skull with glowing green eyes which is used to lock the player’s pinballs.


Fesxis from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues isn’t undead, instead being a creature from another planet. However, she does have the appearance of a large skeleton, including a skull with eyesockets that glow with an unnerving red light.

Tabletop Games

Dungeons & Dragons :

Liches have “pinpoints of light” in their empty eye sockets and archliches (non-evil variant lich) have twinkling lights. Alhoon (illithid liches), however, look much like in life, but with dried skin. One of the defining features of Death Knights are the glowing lights inside their eye sockets. One notable Death Knight, Lord Soth, was known for having red ones. Of Forgotten Realms undead, bane liches got burning red pinpoints of light and baelnorns (lich-like elven guardian undead) have glowing white eyes. A subversion with Mystara ‘s “dusanu”: this monster looks like a typical rotting skeleton. but in fact it isn’t undead but a fungal colony that had taken over a corpse. The haunting blue lights coming from its eyes sockets are in fact caused by the waste fumes of the fungus. Sheet phantoms have two glowing green eyespots. According to “The Ecology of the Sheet Phantom” in Dragon, these are purely there to unsettle the phantom’s victims, and have nothing to do with how it perceives its surroundings.

In Vampire: The Masquerade, one of the early powers vampires can gain in the Protean (shapeshifting) discipline allows them to see in the dark while making their eyes glow red. Warhammer : According to the associated literature (such as Nagash The Sorcerer ), animated skeletons have this. Zombicide artwork depicts zombies like this.

Theme Parks

Disneyland’s The Haunted Mansion :

It used to have the ghost bride. Until somewhere in the 80’s, all the versions of the character had glowing light-yellow eyes blazing through the darkness of the haunted attic, paired with a glowing, beating red heart. The 70’s Bride’s face was actually pitch black with only the two glowing eyes. However, the later, more realistic design had more normal-looking eyes (except in Tokyo Disneyland, where the Bride’s eyes, though with a visible pupil, still glow a bit). The current bride ghost, Constance, who replaced Emily, does not glow at all. Other, less notable ghost’s eyes also glow, most notably some shrouded spooks visible in the Crypts of the Graveyard Jamboree scene.

Trauma Towers, a funhouse based at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in England, contains vampire children with glowing eyes.

Video Games

“Mr. Tall” of Amnesia: The Dark Descent has green eyelights, if you look closely enough. The indie horror game Black Rose has a ghost that stalks you at three different points throughout the game. A note found in the cellar tells the player not to look into the eyes. Looking into the ghost’s eyes for too long will get you killed. All of the zombies in Call of Duty : Zombies have yellow-orange lights in their eye sockets. Zombie!George Romero eyes glow when he’s in berserk mode. Most Undead characters in Dark Souls look perfectly normal, but those that have given up their humanity and turned Hollow have emaciated faces and glowing red eyes. Jericho Cross of Dark Watch has only one eye, the other marred by a nasty scar. The scar begins to glow red when he is turned into a vampire. Darkest Dungeon has the Collector, whose collected heads have a ghastly blue glow in their eyes. Which can’t be good for said victims, Dead Rising zombies have eyes that glow red at night, when their strength drastically increases. Many demons in Doom 3 have eyes that glow red, orange or blue that is, if they have eyes. The Draugr from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have this, and they go out when they die, The Broken Lords of Endless Legend mix the glowing eyes of undeath with Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Their society was forced to bind their souls to suits of Animated Armor, which glows with an inner blue Dust light, causing their eyes holes and mouths to glow. The hollow men in Fable II have them. They’re corpses animated by glowing sprites called wisps that dive into the ground and pull up the corpses. Fallout 4 ‘s feral ghouls, though more Technically Living Zombie than truly undead, have glowing yellow eyes that make them especially creepy in dimly lit areas and the first strain of their species with this particular trait in the entire Fallout universe.

F-Zero : The Skull was a skilled racer who died in an accident, then come back from the dead as a skeleton. He sports a pair of glowing yellow eyes. Guilty Gear : As of STRIVE, Faust has one exposed by his Brown Bag Mask due to literally being little more than a zombified husk, his soul having gone to the afterlife, Hollow Knight :

Dying creates a Shade of the Knight at the location they were slain. In contrast to the Knight’s white head with empty-looking black eyes, the Shade has a black body with round, solid white eyes. The Siblings at the bottom of the Abyss have the same kind of look, but with a more pronounced glow. Bugs who have become Husks (i.e. zombies) as a result of the infection have glowing yellow-orange eyes.

Left 4 Dead : The Witch is the only Infected variant to technically have glowing eyes. All the others simply have untextured eyes, leaving them blank and white.

The Legend of Zelda :

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, the Stalchildren have red light for eyes. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker : The ReDeads have empty, black sockets when still, but once they shriek. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess : The Hero’s Shade is a skeletal one-eyed variation. Stallord also has glowing pale-pink eyes. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword :

When Link meets Lanaryu in the present time, he’s little more than a decaying skull surrounded by the rotting remains of his helpers. Attempts to communicate with him result in his empty sockets lighting with a sickly yellow. You get the chance to change that, however. The Stalfos and Staldra enemies also have glowing eyes. When a Staldra’s eyes turn from blue to red, it’s time to get your shield ready.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild : The skeletal Stal- version of enemies and horses all have glowing red, yellow or green orbs for eyes.

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater : The Sorrow has glowing red eyes when he first appears as a ghost behind The Boss. Mr. Bones combines it with Good Colors, Evil Colors : The Friendly Skeleton protagonist has blue eye lights, whereas those under the Big Bad ‘s control have red eye lights. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 : when Kabuto Yakushi summons the resurrected Kakuzu, Itachi and Deidara, their eyes are glowing. In Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the undead Ominous Owl Big Bad Shriek has had glowing white eyes since birth, thanks to The Corruption that petrified her parents. Penumbra: Overture ‘s zombie dogs have an inexplicable green glow to their eyes. Both Skeleton T and Oshare Bones from Puyo Puyo have this.

    However, with Oshare, it only occurs in his left eye; his right eye is a case of The Dead Have Eyes, Quest for Glory I : The gatekeeper for Baba Yaga’s hut is a talking skull who complains that he lacks these. The other skulls on the fence were given glowing gems, and he was left out. The hero must find a gem for him before the gate will open.

    Despite not having any particular powers mentioned other than glowing, the gem does allow the skull to see. The reaper man in Shadowgate is an otherwise unremarkable example, but his position in the Game Over screen means that players will spend a significant fraction of their time looking at him.

    • Zombies have red, glowing eyes in Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army,
    • From a gameplay perspective, this is likely to increase their visibility in the game’s dark, dreary, and extremely foggy environments.
    • Hell, it even helps you pick out their heads, which is handy for Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain purposes.

    All zombie-esques with intelligence in Sonny, the free online Flash RPG series. Super Mario Bros.

    Dry Bones, the skeletal undead versions of Koopas. Dry Bowser also applies. Kingfin in Super Mario Galaxy, although surprisingly not the standard undead enemies. Said boss also has an even more extreme case of this, because the eyes seem to shoot light beams in the direction it’s looking.

    As an ambulatory skeleton, Sans of Undertale has these. This actually gives him a more friendly and cheerful appearance, because he looks downright unsettling without them, Oddly, his brother Papyrus does not have these, mostly having empty but very expressive eye sockets with the occasional expression revealing he has eyeballs ( he’d look somewhat creepy if he did). The morose ghost Napstablook also has these. The Witch’s House : The Witch displays these if she catches you, due to having no eyes. What makes it worse is that she also has no legs — making a loud SQUELCH noise every time she drags herself closer — and she’s only 13, World of Warcraft :

    Most of the Forsaken undead have this, though there are some Forsaken facial textures that don’t include glowing eyes. They have empty eyesockets instead. Also undead of the Scourge and the Lich King as shown in the trailer/opening cinematic for Wrath of the Lich King, The blue glow isn’t limited to their eyes, but also appears elsewhere inside the skeletal undead. And as former members of the Scourge, Death Knights of all races. If the regular members of the race already have glowing eyes (such as night elves), then it’s more visibly pronounced for death knights. Also the color will change, as the night elves’ normal yellow and blood elves’ normal green will be switched to the same blue as all others.

    In Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure, Bonelich von Skeleski, when wearing the red or blue powdered wigs, gets matching-colored glowing eyes, Witchfire : The Witch’s undead mooks all have glowing eyes due to her magic, a form of magical essence called “witchfire.”


Anti-Heroes, a D&D -inspired Stick-Figure Comic, has Finx the lich. His design is quite similar to Xykon, but he’s a lot less scary. In the defunct Questden adventure Bug Castle: The Broken Slumber, Revenant Zombie bugs have empty eye sockets with lights in the color of their spirit. By contrast, living moth priest Shatiki has eyes with grey sclerae, black pupils and specular highlights. Undead in Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures have solid black eyes with glowing yellow pupils. In Far Star Summer School, Madame Karissa’s eyes glow pure white light in her true, undead form. “.” in Hanna Is Not a Boy’s Name has glowing orange eyes. Looking for Group : Maikos and Richard — Yellow for Richard, Red for Maikos. The Order of the Stick :

Xykon, as a D&D lich, has glowing red lights where his eyes should be. Also the case with the three Xykon decoys during the battle of Azure City: a Death Knight, a Huecuva and an Eye of Fear and Flame. The bone golem made from Roy’s body has green eyelights. (Though by D&D rules a bone golem is a Construct, rather than an Undead).

Zig-zagged in Our Little Adventure : Intelligent undead like the farmstead wights, the forest wraith, and the Bone have lights where their eyes would be, but mindless skeletons and zombies don’t. Zombies in Undead Friend, have large empty black sockets and red glowing pupils. Justified in Unsounded : the undead Duane sees with enchanted glass eyes; the glow in their sockets is a side effect of the spellwork that links them to his sense of vision. In The Zombie Hunters, all classes of The Undead have black sclerae with glowing white irises, excepting the Basilisk, a class with a paralyzing gaze and bioluminescent red irises, Charlie, a partially revived zombie restored to sentience, has one undead eye, which he hides with a contact lens. The formerly human zeds of Zombie Ranch are distinguished by glowing red eyes. Animal zombies shown seem to lack this feature so far.

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Was the zombie in Army of the Dead pregnant?

Spoilers! Zack Snyder talks wild ending, zombie surprise of Netflix’s ‘Army of the Dead’ Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Dave Bautista reveals if he still collects his WWE figures or not Dave Bautista chats with USA TODAY’s Brian Truitt about his new Netflix film, “Army of the Dead”, and collecting his old WWE action figures. Spoiler alert! The follow post discusses important plot points and the ending of “Army of the Dead.” So be warned if you haven’t seen it yet. Zombie kings and queens and tigers, oh my! But who saw that zombie newborn coming? Director fills out his undead bingo card with gusto – and sets up a future franchise expansion – in the heist film (streaming now on Netflix), which centers on a quarantined Las Vegas that’s become ground zero for a zombie apocalypse after one escapes from a truck outbound from Area 51 and heads straight for Sin City. “Army” picks some years after the outbreak, when burger-flipping widower Scott Ward (), a hero in the zombie wars, is recruited to form a team, break into the Strip and steal $200 million from a high-tech casino vault hours before a nuclear missile is supposed to strike. Their mission into Vegas involves creating a truce with the zombie horde, which is ruled by an alpha named Zeus (Rich Cetrone), but that peace is disrupted when a member of Scott’s crew hacks off the head of the queen zombie (Athena Perample). Zeus becomes exceedingly ticked off (for reasons we’ll get to in a minute) and the humans have to race to the top of a hotel for a chopper ride to safety. What to stream this weekend: “Rich does a great job. He’s my longtime friend and he’s a great actor and a great stunt person and really physical guy,” Snyder says. “Five hours a day in that chair doing that makeup is ridiculous for anybody, but he just really goes for it, and same with Athena (as) the queen.” There’s a reason why Zeus (aka the zombie who escaped from Area 51) is so mad: The film reveals that the queen is pregnant (!) with his baby, and after Scott’s crew takes her head, Zeus has his minions bring the body back to zombie headquarters at the Olympus hotel. (Fun fact: A visual guide to Zeus’ backstory is shown on the side of the building.) That’s there where Zeus recovers the zombie baby out of the Queen’s body, but Snyder confirms that it “does not survive. Not this one,” he teases. ‘Like Braveheart but flipped’: The idea behind including a zombie baby in “Army of the Dead” was that with zombies, “basically, (humans) are the fuel that creates the population as they get infected,” Snyder explains. (The movie’s main rule of zombification: Humans bitten by Zeus become alphas, and they become shamblers if anyone else chomps on them.) “I thought it would be cool if zombies really no longer needed us in any way. Like they can procreate, they can create, and who knows what that next generation of alphas would be like. one more step” of evolution. Unfortunately, Zeus doesn’t make it out of the movie alive: He tracks Scott down to his departing helicopter before taking off, they fight, and Zeus dies on their hellacious ride out of Vegas that ends in a nasty crash. He bit Scott, though, necessitating his daughter Kate Ward (Ella Purnell) to shoot her dad in the head once he goes full zombie. But the seed is planted for another alpha. ‘Army of the Dead’: During the main heist, Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick), another member of Scott’s team, is locked in the vault with all the cash after a tussle with Zeus and left for dead. And at the end of the film, though, he’s seen escaping the rubble of the nuked hotel with bags of cash. He rents a private plane, tired and definitely needing the drink the flight attendants give him. Suddenly, Vanderohe doesn’t feel well and goes to the bathroom, where he sees that he’s been bitten by Zeus and hears that they’re headed for Mexico City, causing him to drop an F-bomb when he realizes he’s the new patient zero. Does that mean “Army of the Dead 2” is going south of the border? “It feels like that would be cool,” says Snyder, who also has the prequel movie “Army of Thieves” and a spinoff “Lost Vegas” anime series coming to expand his Netflix “Dead”-verse. “We just wanted to to have that kind of an ending, like is there more ‘Army’? Maybe.” : Spoilers! Zack Snyder talks wild ending, zombie surprise of Netflix’s ‘Army of the Dead’

What movie has a pregnant zombie?

Mother Z (Short 2022) – IMDb In a zombie apocalyptic world, a pregnant women hurries to a church to give birth to her child. But she is trapped in the church with zombies around while she is about to give birth. In a zombie apocalyptic world, a pregnant women hurries to a church to give birth to her child. But she is trapped in the church with zombies around while she is about to give birth. In a zombie apocalyptic world, a pregnant women hurries to a church to give birth to her child. But she is trapped in the church with zombies around while she is about to give birth. You have no recently viewed pages : Mother Z (Short 2022) – IMDb

Who was kicked out of Army of the Dead?

Netflix spared no expense in removing scandal-ridden comedian Chris D’Elia from director Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” and replacing him with Tig Notaro. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, husband-and-wife team Zack and Deborah Snyder didn’t disclose the exact amount it took to reshoot scenes with Notaro but said it was a “fairly easy” decision to remove D’Elia.

Deborah, one of the film’s producers, told Vanity Fair it was an “expensive” choice, while Zack put the cost at “a few million.” “I will say, Netflix did the right thing,” Deborah said. “They put their money where their mouth is.” Notaro replaced D’Elia in Snyder’s movie, which follows a group of mercenaries traveling inside a Las Vegas zombie quarantine zone to pull off a grand heist, last summer after D’Elia was accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls.

In June, D’Elia released a statement to TMZ saying he had “never knowingly pursued any underage women at any point.” In the following two months, Netflix cut all ties with D’Elia, dropping his prank show and removing him from “Army of the Dead,” which had already completed shooting at the time.

  1. The reshoot process with Notaro used green screen and CGI to digitally add her to the existing footage.
  2. The comedian and actor, known for her deadpan delivery, plays helicopter pilot Marianne Peters but has not met many of her costars except Ana De La Reguera.
  3. The “Army of the Dead” ensemble cast also features Dave Bautista, Omari Hardwick, Theo Rossi, Ella Purnell, Huma Quereshi and Hiroyuki Sanada.

“I’ve never met Dave Bautista in my life,” Notaro said Friday on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” “I’ve never met the man.” The “Star Trek: Discovery” star told Jimmy Fallon in April that her role in “Army of the Dead” had her trending as “sexy AF” following the release of the movie’s trailer.

What movie has a zombie baby?

Yes, there is aggressive zombie lovemaking happening in the world of “Army of the Dead.” – Netflix ‘s “” is just the beginning of a Netflix movie and television franchise that will explore the world of a zombie outbreak, and one of the most eyebrow-raising surprises of this world is that the undead are procreating. One of Snyder’s big surprises in “Army of the Dead” is the reveal of a zombie baby, which undead king Zeus pulls from the decapitated body of his queen lover.

Was the baby a human fetus that got turned into a zombie when the mother got bit? Or is it just the product of zombie sex? Snyder recently told he leans more toward the latter. “I believe that some zombie love happened, some sweet zombie lovemaking. I don’t know if it was sweet. It was probably pretty aggressive,” Snyder said.

“My theory is that the zombies in our movie are working toward not needing a human host to procreate their species, if you will. That’s the ultimate evolution. They’re like a better us. I think that’s the fun genre part of it. They’re no longer destroying their environment.

They’re not fighting with each other. They’re less bad for everybody. They’re less toxic. Unless you cross them, and then, well, it’s not that good.” Snyder said his team “debated for a while” the inclusion of the zombie fetus, adding, “But as far as I was concerned, the zombie baby was cool for a variety of reasons, and one of them was that it tests you, it pushes you.

You think you know what the genre is. And that’s the cool thing about the movie — I wanted to have a shorthand with the audience, and go, ‘You know what? You guys know this stuff, right?’ Even when Dieter says, ‘How exactly do we do the killing?’ Scott’s like, ‘Really?’ That’s the audience.

That’s like your friend saying, ‘How do they kill the zombies?’ And you’re like, ‘Really? You’re going to ask that? You shoot them in the head, obviously. Are we going to have this conversation?'” Snyder continued, “And so I feel like that’s the thing that’s interesting about the genre, is that we are so down the road with it.

We’ve had what, 10 years or 11 years of ‘The Walking Dead?’ That’s unbelievable. How many hours of zombie mayhem is that? That’s so much content. Not to mention the countless films. And I’m just talking between ‘Dawn of the Dead’ and now, for me. What’s the wrinkle? How can we throw a wrench in the genre a little bit?” Whether or not Snyder will continue to explore zombie procreation as the franchise continues remains to be seen.

It’s already confirmed “Army of the Dead” is getting a prequel movie centered on the backstory of Matthias Schweighöfer’s safecracker character Ludwig Dieter, and then there’s an animated prequel series that will explain the origins of the zombie pandemic. Will the film get a proper sequel? Snyder with his ending, so all signs point to yes as long as the film is a Netflix hit.

“Army of the Dead” is now streaming on Netflix. Sign Up: This Article is related to: and tagged, : Zack Snyder Breaks Down That ‘Army of the Dead’ Zombie Baby: ‘The Ultimate Evolution’

Is Dieter Dead?

The Ending of ‘Army of Thieves’ (and Its Origin) Explained One of the unexpected joys of Zack Snyder ‘s zombie-filed heist extravaganza Army of the Dead was Matthias Schweighöfer as Dieter the uber-charming safecracker, so the idea of a dashing, romantic spin-off movie focused on the character would be welcome news Except for one bittersweet (and somewhat spoiler-y) fact: Dieter, like nearly all the characters in Army of the Dead, had a lifespan equivalent to your average carnival goldfish, fruit fly, or Quibi: Grim and brief.

But fear not. In the land of prequels, Dieter and his wavy blond locks live on! And if his star turn in Netflix’s new film, Army of Thieves, proves to be popular, we may see him yet again, says Schweighöfer, who also directed the movie. “You know, the grand master Zack Snyder just said in an interview, ‘We did not see him die on camera, on film.’ So, there is a chance that we’ll bring him back.

He said there might be a chance. Maybe yes. Maybe no,” Schweighöfer tells Vanity Fair, That’s far from the definitive answer viewers seemingly got in last May’s Army of the Dead, when Dieter vanished behind the closing door of the tomb-like safe he had just cracked, pulled backward by the decaying arms of voracious reanimated corpses.

As it stands now, Dieter is trapped within the scientific concept of : Until we look into the box to see if he is alive or deceased, he exists in both states at once. “He’s one of the living dead,” Schweighöfer says. Just, in a more theoretical sense—not necessarily the kind that lurches around snacking on people.

The only reason Netflix has a spin-off film in which Dieter and his team go on a safecracking spree across Europe is because Schweighöfer was so damned charming in the original role. They wanted more of him. Army of the Dead was the actor-filmmaker’s introduction to many viewers in the United States, but the 40-year-old has been a major star in his native Germany for years.

  • We’re talking big.
  • That’s how he caught the attention of Snyder and his producer/wife Deborah Snyder, who chose him for Dead as the least strong, but arguably most critical member of the team Dave Bautista leads into a zombie-overrun Las Vegas to extract a billionaire’s fortune from the ruins of a casino.

The muscle forces their way to the basement safe, then Dieter’s delicate skills come into play as he turns the dials. Dieter steals all his scenes too, in part because he’s one of the few who isn’t bottled up and fearful the whole time. “All the characters have to whisper,” to avoid drawing attention from the undead, he notes, “But when I read that, I knew: ‘Okay, except Dieter.

He could be really loud because everyone has to protect him.'” In his introductory scene in that earlier film, Bautista and his right-hand mercenary ( Ana De La Reguera ) find Dieter living undercover as a fugitive, working at a small security company. He lights up when they present him with the blueprints for the famous safe they hope to open, known as “The Götterdämmerung” after the fourth and last opera in composer Richard Wagner’s epic Ring cycle of musical dramas.

Dieter explains enthusiastically that he is on the run precisely because he has already cracked the three other safes that were constructed with these operas as inspiration. Or—he would have explained that, but the scene was cut from the movie. And it was cut because Snyder was so taken by Schweighöfer’s performance of that backstory that he decided they should make it into its own movie.

They started work on Thieves long before Dead was even finished, which is how Dieter got a new beginning even as they were plotting his apparent demise. Dieter’s first scene in the final version of Army of the Dead is only about two minutes long, but it started out as an epic among introductions. “The first cut that scene was 14 minutes,” Schweighöfer explains.

“I did some improv was funny and everyone laughed. I told the whole story about Richard Wagner and the operas, and tiny stuff in between, like, I looked at Dave and was asking, ‘Are you an opera fan?’ And he just stared at me. I said, you know, ‘Obviously not.’ I told the whole backstory, and then Zack made that decision: ‘Okay, he just pitched us the spin-off.'” Schweighöfer and Nathalie Emmanuel as Sebastian/Dieter and Gwendoline in Army of Thieves,

  1. The prequel involved Dieter’s life as a nobody, living under his original name, Sebastian, and making safecracking videos on YouTube that get precious few likes and subscribes.
  2. One of his fans is Gwendoline ( Fast and Furious actress Nathalie Emmanuel,) the leader of a burgeoning crime ring that plans to rob the series of famous safes that were modeled on Wagner’s operas.

The rest of the crew includes computer hacker Korina ( Ruby O. Fee, Schweighöfer’s real-life girlfriend), getaway driver Rolph ( Guz Khan ), and hired muscle Brad ( Stuart Martin,) This movie would be a pure comedy-adventure, with the team galavanting across the picture-postcard luxury locales of Europe as they orchestrate schemes to infiltrate their hardened targets and get Dieter/Sebastian up close and personal with the fabled vaults.

In the background, on TV screens, and in one notable dream sequence, there are flashes of the zombie apocalypse to come. Here’s where Schweighöfer paid tribute to Snyder for opening the door to him with his first English-language film. A dream in which a zombified little girl staggers through Dieter’s hallway is an homage to the opening zombie from Snyder’s 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, in which a couple’s daughter attacks them in their bedroom.

Dream sequence from Army of Thieves, A waking nightmare from 2004’s Dawn of the Dead, “We tried to find even the same dress that the girl was wearing in Dawn of the Dead,” Schweighöfer says. “We couldn’t find it, but it’s quite a similar shot.” The ending of Army of Thieves may hint at the future for Dieter, after he becomes locked inside The Götterdämmerung with the man-eaters of Army of the Dead.

  1. If he somehow survives them, how will he get out? It helps to have a long-lost love who knows how to break and enter.
  2. Army of Thieves concludes with Gwendoline and Dieter/Sebastian trapped on a dock by the investigator who has been hunting them throughout the movie ( Jonathan Cohen,) She makes a bargain to go peacefully if he is allowed to escape.

: The Ending of ‘Army of Thieves’ (and Its Origin) Explained

How did Vanderohe get infected?

Army of the Dead ending explained – First thing’s first, we don’t learn too much about how the zombies came about other than that the Alpha zombie Zeus was originally at Area 51. We see Zeus escape in the cold open after the soldiers are transporting him somewhere are involved in an accident.

This happens just outside of Las Vegas, so Zeus goes down there – with some freshly-turned soldiers – and chaos breaks loose as we see the zombies hit Vegas during the title sequence, set to a cover of ‘Viva Las Vegas’, naturally. The origins of the zombies and the actual zombie war will be explored in more detail in spin-off series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas,

Snyder pointed out to Polygon that the zombie was being shipped to Iran (“is he some sort of covert bioweapon?”), so that could play a part. However, we get no more answers in the movie as we switch to some time later and Scott Ward flipping burgers. Scott is approached by casino boss Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) with a proposition to go into Vegas and get $200 million from a vault underneath Bly’s Las Vegas. Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Netflix Scott assembles his team, which includes former army buddy Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick), mechanic Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera), helicopter pilot Marianne Peters (Tig Notaro) and German safe cracker Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer). Scott asks for the help of his daughter Kate (Ella Purnell) to get into the city, since she works in the quarantine camp outside Vegas, and she puts them in touch with Lily, aka the Coyote (Nora Arnezeder).

The plan’s all set, but a wrinkle is introduced when Kate insists on going in with them to find Geeta (Huma Qureshi) who’s gone missing in the city. When they get into Vegas, it’s not what they expected. Instead of hordes of zombies, they see a lot of dead zombies called Shamblers. Turns out there’s a whole zombie civilisation, led by Zeus and his Queen, with fast zombies called Alphas and then the Shamblers, who are basically the grunts of the zombie world.

The Coyote shoots slimy quarantine security guard Burt Cummings (Theo Rossi) and leaves him as a trade for the zombies, allowing the rest of them free passage. “We all keep talking about the city like it’s their prison, it’s not – it’s their kingdom,” Lily explains of her actions. Netflix With Ludwig working on getting into the vault, the team’s problems start when Martin goes outside with Lily and beheads the Queen. Turns out Tanaka isn’t interested in the money – he wanted the DNA of the zombies because he can sell it to the highest bidder, given them “the power to make more of them, the power to control your own zombie army”.

Needless to say, Zeus is a bit pissed off when he discovers the body of his Queen, especially as she was carrying his zombie baby (yep, we don’t know how that works either). And if an annoyed Alpha zombie wasn’t enough of a problem, the government moves the nuclear bomb forward by 24 hours, meaning it’ll hit in 90 minutes.

Ludwig manages to open the vault, but as the team get prepared to take the money to the helicopter on the casino roof, Zeus attacks with his zombie army and the team start dying one by one. First up is Cruz, shortly after she admits her true feelings to Scott, who in a double blow has also realised Kate’s gone missing.

Shortly after, Ludwig saves Vanderohe by locking him in the vault when Vanderohe is about to be killed by Zeus, only for Ludwig to be killed instead. It’s OK though, we’ll see him again in the prequel movie Army of Thieves, and Snyder has been teasing that maybe Ludwig isn’t as dead as we think. “We don’t see die, that’s true.

That’s fair. You would say in a horror movie if we don’t see you die, by the rules of horror.,” Snyder teased to TheFilmJunkee, Mikey Guzman (Raúl Castillo) then dies as they try to escape the casino. Martin had left the team for dead to try and escape with the Queen’s head, not realising that Lily had swapped the bags. Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Netflix Scott and Lily make it to the roof where she explains that she helped Martin because he promised he’d get everyone out of the quarantine camp. To make up for it, Lily sacrifices herself by holding up the Queen’s head when Zeus arrives, luring him away from the helicopter and allowing Scott to escape.

  • However, he doesn’t want to leave Vegas yet as he believes that Kate has gone over to the Olympus where Zeus usually takes his victims to turn them.
  • Scott persuades Marianne to drop him off and stick around as he goes inside to find Kate, who has found Geeta and killed the zombie version of Cummings.

Scott reunites with Kate just in time as Zeus is about to attack and Scott, Kate and Geeta get to the roof to board the helicopter and finally leave Vegas. Zeus jumps on board just as it leaves and as they fly away, the nuclear bomb hits Vegas. As Marianne struggles to keep control of the helicopter in the wake of the blast, Scott battles with Zeus who bites him, but Scott eventually manages to shoot Zeus in the head before the helicopter crashes.

  1. Marianne appears to have definitely died in the crash (or from the gunshot she received during the struggle between Scott and Zeus), but the fate of Geeta is unclear,
  2. We don’t see her after the crash at all, so the scope is there for her return in the sequel.
  3. Maybe she’s just unconscious? “I’ll say one thing.

In a horror movie, if you don’t die on screen, then you’re not dead,” she told Bollywood Life, Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Netflix Having killed Zeus, Scott is able to say goodbye to Kate before he dies from the zombie bite and as he turns into a zombie, Kate kills him. We see a helicopter arriving in the background that’ll presumably take her to safety, but we don’t see anything else from her.

  • Cutting back to the now-destroyed Las Vegas, Vanderohe emerges out of the rubble and makes his way to an airport where he buys himself a place on a private plane heading to Mexico City.
  • He doesn’t look well on the plane though and when he checks himself out in a bathroom, he’s been bitten and the movie ends with him saying, “F**k”.

While we never saw Vanderohe getting bitten, it’s safe to assume that it happened in his battle with Zeus outside the vault. That means he’s going to become an Alpha zombie, but it’s unusual that it’s taken him so long to turn when all other transformations happen quickly in the movie, albeit to people already dead. Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Netflix “He’s looking at the end at himself like, ‘Wow, OK, so any of the philosophies that I threw out, do they now work? Do they save me or are they just that?’ And so I think we leave my face in the form of a question mark, and I think that’s where I tried to play it, this space of being interrogative and not a period,” he told Collider,

  • I didn’t want to be declarative, I wanted to be a question mark at the end.
  • If my face could be compared to anything of exclamation, it was that of a question mark.” Vanderohe’s delayed transformation could mean he’s immune to whatever created Zeus, but he still might spread it when he lands in Mexico City.

Or it’s just creative licence on Snyder’s part to save the reveal of the bite until the final scene of the movie. Either way, the zombies might have been destroyed in Vegas (although some might have survived underground), but the cliffhanger clearly sets up that the zombie threat isn’t over if Army of the Dead does return for a sequel. Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Shop for Netflix e-gift cards Netflix amazon.co.uk Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Orange is the New Black – Seasons 1-6 Netflix/Lionsgate/Tilted Productions Amazon US$44.41 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes The Crown season 3 with Amazon exclusive box artwork Netflix/Left Bank Pictures Amazon £15.20 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Star Trek Discovery Season 2 CBS/Paramount Home Entertainment Amazon £20.54 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes The Good Place – Season 3 NBC/Spirit Entertainment Amazon Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Marriage Story Netflix/Criterion Amazon £14.99 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes The Crown – Seasons 1 & 2 Netflix/Left Bank Pictures Amazon £24.60 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Star Trek: Discovery – Season 1 CBS/Paramount Home Entertainment Amazon £19.99 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes House of Cards – Season 6 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Daredevil – Season 2 Disney/Marvel/Netflix Amazon £14.38 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Grace and Frankie – Seasons 1-2 Netflix/Okay Goodnight/Skydance Television Amazon £13.00 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes The Irishman Netflix/Criterion Amazon £25.47 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Black Mirror – Series 3 Netflix/House of Tomorrow Amazon Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Jessica Jones – Season 1 Disney/Marvel/Netflix Amazon Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Luke Cage – Season 1 Disney/Marvel/Netflix Amazon £16.13 Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Narcos – Seasons 1-3 Netflix/Arrow TV Amazon £18.21 Digital Spy’s digital magazine is back – and we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE interview with Dave Bautista. Read every issue now with a 1-month free trial, only on Apple News+, Interested in Digital Spy’s weekly newsletter? Sign up to get it sent straight to your inbox – and don’t forget to join our Watch This Facebook Group for daily TV recommendations and discussions with other readers.

Is Vanderohe an alpha zombie?

Warning: the following contains SPOILERS for Army of the Dead, Army of the Dead 2 could confirm that Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe is actually the alpha zombie Zeus (Richard Cetrone). Army of the Dead 2 is the upcoming third movie in Zack Snyder and Matthias Schweighöfer’s genre-mashing Army series.

The first two movies, Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves, have spawned a variety of fan theories surrounding the respective fates of the main characters. Perhaps the most famous of these theories is the time loop that Vanderohe talks to Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) about in Army of the Dead,

Upon seeing the mass of skeletons gathered outside the Götterdämmerung, Vanderohe wonders about the possibility that their crew is stuck in a time loop, doomed to keep repeating the same heist over and over again. Army of the Dead ‘s time loop, if it’s real, could also mean that Vanderohe and Zeus are one and the same person as theorized (via Reddit ).

Can zombies moan?

HOW AND WHY DO ZOMBIES MOAN? It’s widely accepted that zombies can’t speak because their limited brain function doesn’t allow for complex thoughts. However, watch almost any zombie movie made in the past 50 years, and you’ll hear them moaning up a storm.

  • Very scary on the big screen, but are real zombies able to make primitive utterances? And if so, how? A hypothesis put forth by ZRS Member, Gregory Pickman, may hold the answer.
  • Pickman suggests that zombies are able to make noise for one simple reason: they breathe.
  • He asserts that because a zombie is technically dead, it doesn’t need to take in oxygen to continue “living”.

Therefore a zombie can hold its breath for any numbers of hours or days, allowing it to do things like walk under water, and function without lungs or a wind pipe. But Pickman argues that breathing serves two important functions for zombie survival: 1) It substantially slows the speed of decay, by keeping the body tissues somewhat oxygenated, and 2) it allows the pre and post rigor zombie to move at greater speeds, approximating human adulatory velocity.

Can zombies have feelings?

The Walking Dead: Pretend scientific reasoning for zombie behavior the-walking-dead-episode-601-walker My science doesn’t really matter. I’m using fake science and symbolism to explain fake and symbolic creatures. GASP! Am I saying I don’t think there’s going to be a real zombie apocalypse? Um, pretty much. Before you jump all over me, I think I have Michael Cudlitz on my side.

When he was at a question and answer session, a fan ask him a question about something he would or wouldn’t do in a real zombie apocalypse. Michael answered, but only after pausing and saying “in a real zombie apocalypse?” in an incredulous and playfully condescending tone. So, I think that the creators of zombies and zombie lore perhaps used the science they knew from school in ways that made sense to them in the fake and mysterious zombie world.

Rule, You must kill the brain. That means the brain is somehow the life force. In live humans the brain runs the body, but if other vital organs shut down the entire body follows. Shane illustrated that point to us when he shot Lou In the chest and she just kept coming, Lungs, heart blown up and she was still undead.

But the brain shot, crushed, stabbed or in any way disassembled and the walker is a goner. Dr. Edwin Jenner, The Walking Dead -AMC The brain. Dr. Jenner showed us that the only thing left is the brain stem. The part that make “you, you” is gone. The brain stem allows the walkers to walk. The brain stem allows for involuntary movement and systems like respiration and circulation.

The zombies don’t have a limbic system or other parts of the brain that control emotions. They don’t have dopamine or serotonin and other mood chemicals and neurotransmitters to be happy or depressed. They don’t have memories. They don’t have the speech centers of the brain to speak or interpret the sounds they hear.

But the brain stem is there and they have vocal chords and instinct so we are treated to the groaning and growling and attempting to communicate some kind of message. Burning walkers. The Walking Dead – AMC Rule, The zombies are attracted to noise and light. If the zombies don’t have the full access to the visual and auditory cortexes (I looked it up; cortexes or cortices is acceptable and I didn’t choose to use cortices!), then they can’t really interpret what they see.

They don’t recognize their loved ones or what things are. They just respond to stimulus. The sense of smell becomes more acute because of the loss of the other senses. Usually the sense of smell is not the most necessary for human decision-making. Sight, sound and perhaps touch come first.

Can zombies sleep?

The Walking Dead season 11 premiere episode seemingly presented sleeping walkers, but why now? Here’s why the new zombie habit makes sense. Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Warning: SPOILERS for The Walking Dead season 11, episode 1, “Acheron: Part I.” The Walking Dead season 11 premiere featured a new behavioral trait of walkers, suggesting the franchise’s zombies have the ability to sleep. The episode titled “Acheron: Part I” kicked off the eleventh and final season of The Walking Dead, which will run for a total of 24 episodes.

  • Following the six bonus episodes that brought season 10 to a close, the final season picked up with Alexandria’s desperation considering the community’s depleted supplies, particularly with food.
  • In the nearly silent opening sequence at the start of The Walking Dead season 11, core members of the group infiltrated a military base from the roof.

The mission, led by Daryl, Carol, and Maggie, almost went off without a hitch. The women of the group, including Rosita, Magna, Lydia, and Kelly, joined Maggie and Carol by dropping into the base as a sea of walkers layered the floor below. Instead of roaming, the walkers dressed in military uniforms were seemingly asleep, forcing the group to remain as quiet as possible.

The group then found the base’s supply of MREs or “Meals Ready-to-Eat,” which they packed to send to the rest of the group on the roof. Of course, the plan went sideways when a few drops of blood from Daryl’s injury from the rooftop dropped on one of the sleeping walkers, waking it up before the horde followed suit.

While The Walking Dead has previously shown zombies in a weakened state, the season 11 premiere was the first time to reveal that the undead has the ability to sleep. The military sequence even included dialogue in which the group warned not to wake up the walkers, suggesting the characters are aware of this napping habit. Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes The Alexandria group likely dropped into the base from the roof with ropes for a quiet entry. Then again, it’s possible there was no other suitable way in considering it looked to be an underground location. With that said, the dead military personnel seen sleeping on the ground were likely trapped once they all turned into walkers.

Clearly, MREs wouldn’t have satisfied them as they would need human flesh to relieve their hunger. Without humans around, they could have grown weaker and weaker before electing to sleep with no other purpose. The fact that zombies can sleep either from a lack of food or because of boredom presents a new twist in The Walking Dead TV lore,

Their behavior aligns with the theory that existing zombies will eventually waste away without a food source. With the human population diminished, especially considering the time that has passed since the start of The Walking Dead, walkers don’t have a food supply as they did in the early days of the apocalypse.

What happened to Zed’s mom in zombies?

Trivia –

Addison is the first human that he meets. She is also technically the first alien he meets. Zed is the first person to see Addison’s real hair color and discover that she is an alien. Zed’s position on the Seabrook High School football team is a fullback. He then later becomes the team captain. He became the first zombie to be on the Prawn Wall of Fame. It’s unknown what happened to his mother. Before he became friends with them, Zed was untrusting of the werewolves. Zed was the first zombie to board the Mothership when the aliens came to Seabrook. The last name Necrodopolis derives from “necro”, the prefix that means death in Greek and it fits considering Zed and his family are zombies. Zed’s first name contains the letter “Z”, a trait common among all zombie characters throughout the series.

Can Allison rumor anything?

Early life – The child that would become Allison Hargreeves was born at the same time as forty-two other extraordinary children. As a baby, she was adopted by the world-famous scientist and entrepreneur Sir Reginald Hargreeves with the express intention of training them to save the world.

What monster is Addison?

Trivia –

Addison is the only character who sings in every song of Zombies, She had to wear a blonde wig her whole life.

Ironically, Meg Donnelly is a natural blonde in real life; she had to wear blonde wigs herself during the scenes where Addison wears them.

Zed is the first zombie she meets. Willa is the first werewolf she saw in the Forbidden Forest. She knows a little bit of the zombie language it seems. Addison is the first one to see that zombies and werewolves aren’t dangerous. She was kicked out of the cheer squad, however she’s in the team again along with Bree.

In the first film, Addison says her white hair cannot be dyed and nothing sticks. In Zombies 2, Addison was convinced that she is a werewolf but unfortunately for her it’s not true. However, she seems to have a connection to a comet that is seen passing by outside her window while she sleeps in Zombies 2, as her hair glows when it does. In Addison’s Moonstone Mystery, she is the only character who cannot be hypnotized by Vanna.

The last name Wells means “spring” or “stream”. This is referring to her nature specifically.

Her last name was confirmed in her doll releases before being revealed in Zombies 3,

She appears in Addison’s Moonstone Mystery, her own animated show and a continuation of ZOMBIES, leading into ZOMBIES 3,

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Who is controlling the zombies in Cold War?

Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes ” Fetch me their souls! ” — The Demonic Announcer https://callofduty.fandom.com/wiki/File:Announcer_Fetch_Zombies.ogg The Demonic Announcer is the title given to the entity that controls the zombies and gives aid to the characters of a map such as wallbuys, Mystery Box, Perk-a-Cola Machines, Power-Ups, and Gobblegum Machines.

  • The Announcer appears in every Zombies map developed by Treyarch, with the exception of the Dead Ops Arcade saga and the Call of Duty: World at War version of Nacht der Untoten,
  • The Announcer also appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode.
  • Every time a player picks up a Power-Up, the Demonic Announcer will speak and if the Mystery Box moves, it can be heard laughing.

Usually the Demonic Announcer both controls the zombies and aids the main characters.

What part of the brain controls zombies?

Science Oct 29, 2010 11:30 AM EST Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes In George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead,” the dead are reanimated, enraged and hungry. They stumble toward the living, arms outstretched, eating everyone in their path. They show no reason, no pain and no signs of slowing down. Dr. Steven Schlozman, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a lecturer at the Harvard School of Education, uses the undead to teach the living about the brain.

In fact, he says, talking about zombie brains and folklore, like those in Romero’s classic, can give people a safe fictional context to discuss serious issues in medicine. “You watch Romero zombies and you can see there is something not right about them, and you can pinpoint what’s wrong with them,” he explains.

“You can postulate what’s going on biologically.” Schlozman is no amateur fan. He’s consulted with Romero. He’s studied zombie films and literature. And his lecture on zombie neurobiology has gone viral since he first gave it more than a year ago. Now, he’s taking the lecture nationwide.

Zombie Stagger: The cerebellum and basal ganglia, the areas of the brain that regulate balance and fluid motion, could be responsible for the zombies’ clumsiness, Schlozman said. And damage to these areas could explain why they stagger so ungracefully toward their prey. He adds that many people are experiencing a temporary impairment of their cerebellum when they drunkenly stumble out of a bar. Zombie Appetite: Look no further than the brain’s ventromedial hypothalamus to understand the zombies’ insatiable appetite, he said. He likens their hunger to studies on the ventromedial hypothalamus in primates, which show that damage to this part of the brain causes the monkeys to eat anything and eat uncontrollably. Zombie Rage: The amygdala, the brain’s primal emotion center, is where emotions like rage are first registered. Then, typically, the anterior cingulate cortex steps in and dampens the signals from the amygdala. In zombies, Schlozman said, the amygdala appears to have run amok, causing hyperaggression. Zombie Stupidity: Finally, zombies appear to have a malfunctioning frontal lobe, the part of the brain associated with problem solving, planning and reason. Zombies can’t even figure out how to open the farmhouse door to get to their cowering prey.

“So the amygdala fires and you have a hypothalamus saying ‘hungry, hungry, hungry,’ and an amygdala saying ‘attack, attack, attack,’ and no anterior cingulate cortex to dampen that response and no frontal lobe to make sense of any of this,” Schlozman said.

Schlozman’s teaching approach is straightforward. He shows his students and residents zombie movie clips, and then asks them to perform a similar analysis, guided by a set of questions. What is going on with these zombies’ brains? If these zombies were brought into the emergency room, how would they begin an exam? His goal is to get them to apply the neuroscience they’ve learned to new situations.

Adults, he believes, learn better when they can apply new knowledge to something familiar, before going on to tackle more complex neuropsychiatric cases. While Schlozman’s use of zombies may seem eccentric, using pop culture or current events to teach neuroscience is not uncommon.

  • Providing students with a pop-culture example that will resonate with them can useful when teaching a subject as complex as neuroscience, said Russell Romeo, an assistant professor of psychology at Barnard College.
  • Creating a fictional scenario, he said, can be a good way to test their knowledge.
  • When you’re trying to assess someone’s knowledge, you come up with a scenario,” Romeo said.

“You ask them to design an experiment. You ask them to come up with a drug, and what it does to the brain,” he said, “Although it might not be an actual case, making a fictional case can help you make your point.” Schlozman is quick to say that this excursion into zombie neurobiology doesn’t diminish the seriousness of real neuropsychiatric cases.

Who is the leader of the aliens in Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 3?

Plot – In the town of Seabrook, werewolves, humans and zombies live in peace. It’s their last year at Seabrook High (their high school) and Addison has been accepted into Mountain College. Zed is pursuing an athletic scholarship at Mountain College and is hoping to join Addison in her college.

During the night before a highly anticipated football game, where, should they win, Seabrook’s going to have their first zombie/monster recruited into college, therefore bringing down a barrier for all other monsters, a UFO arrives and causes mass panic. Its alien passengers and 3 alien leader’s called “A-Lan, A-Li and A-Spen”.They arrived in search of an interstellar map to Utopia (their previous home was destroyed), a perfect new home for their species.

To cover up their real purpose, they claim to be here to compete in the National Cheer Off, which Addison previously had organized. While being interrogated by the Z-Patrol, A-Spen finds a loophole so Zed can get into college by having an exceptional scholarship by improving his grades.

Willa, Wyatt and Wynter are extremely distrustful of the aliens,they think they are there to take what is there’s. The aliens settle into Seabrook temporarily. The aliens interrogate the werewolves and scan their minds with their Luma Lenses. Eliza, who is currently interning at Z-Corp, the maker of the Z-bands, helps Zed with his scholarship.

However, the aliens beat Zed’s records, both athletic and academic, lowering his chances of entering college. Zed, in return for the aliens altering his report card, helps the aliens identify the moonstone, which they scan for coordinates and discover is lethal to them.

A-Spen meets Addison, whom they reveal to that they are in love with Zed. At cheer practice, the cheer team is threatened after witnessing the aliens practice. The aliens are almost caught by the werewolves and head to their Mothership where Zed helps them with his knowledge of Seabrook, whereas Addison is mistakenly beamed up to the Mothership.

A-Spen, A-Li and A-Lan reveal their true reasons for arriving in Seabrook. After fixing and watching the Scout’s logs, they discover that the scout is none other than Addison’s maternal grandmother, Angie. (Bucky, Addison’s cousin, is not related to Angie, as he is related to Addison on her father’s side.) Zed is nervous for his home college interview, which is the last thing he needs to overcome before figuring out if he is accepted in Mountain College or not.

Addison’s alien powers cause him to “zombie out” during his interview, causing his interviewer, Ms. Crabtree, to leave. Addison questions her identity as an alien, asking her mom about her grandma. The trio of aliens suspect that the Seabrook Cup, which is the trophy Angie created, now awarded to the winning team of the Cheer Off, which is crafted with materials from their home world, is their map home.

Addison discovers this same thing soon after and realizes either the aliens win it or she does. The werewolves discover the aliens’ mission and alert the Z-Patrol. Zed, after learning he was accepted into college, discovers the Z-Patrol’s orders and tries to stop the aliens from competing in the Cheer-Off.

  1. The extraterrestrial team is disqualified, leaving Addison being their only chance of finding Utopia.
  2. The Seabrook Mighty Shrimp are victorious at the competition and win.
  3. The werewolves crash into the cheer pavilion and reveal the aliens’ plans.
  4. The aliens, Addison and Zed escape before Addison reveals to the town her alien heritage.

Zed reveals his college news and the aliens realize that the coordinates to Utopia lie in Addison’s DNA, Unfortunately, their map is dynamic, meaning they must take Addison to their new home. A conflicted Addison agrees to go. Zed offers to go with her, but it’s impossible as he would be killed by their stardust energy within minutes.

  • The day the aliens and Addison are set to leave for Utopia, the aliens’ ship is critically damaged, so the werewolves offer their moonstone and Eliza states that they could charge the ship by filtering the moonstone’s energy through their Z-Bands.
  • Zed risks his life by interfering with the power of the aliens and the moonstone, though he survives.

As the others race to exit the ship before it releases into space, Addison and Zed share one last kiss before he is beamed back to Earth. A few days later, in a world without Addison, the group celebrates their graduation as the aliens compute their coordinates.

  • Addison realizes where her grandma Angie wanted her species to live.
  • The aliens then return to Seabrook.
  • Zed, Bree, Willa, Wynter, Wyatt, Bonzo, Bucky and the Aceys celebrate their return.
  • Afterwards, the aliens fully move in to Seabrook, along with several other monsters and creatures including vampires and merpeople,

During the credits, Bucky is shown boarding Mothership and activating it for launch, aiming to “bring cheer to the farthest reaches of the galaxy”.

Who is the Russian guy in zombies?

Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes Why Did Some Zombies Have Blue Eyes For other characters, see Nikolai, ” We fought for what we wanted. We got more than we deserved. All the chapters of our lives, good and bad. Even if there was no witness. Even if no one cared to see. It still happened somewhere. We’ve fought the Great War over and over but victory could never be ours.

We were always doomed to fail. Monty told us the truth. Our journey is the very reason this madness exists. We are the ones who fractured the universe. This is the truth the Kronorium showed me. The truth Richtofen could no longer face. When we are gone, so too is everything that spewed forth from the Aether.

Element 115, the Apothicons, even Monty himself. All of it will be banished to where it belongs. The Dark Aether. But for all the pain and torment we have endured together, as we leave this life behind, it is my hope that you know one thing beyond any doubt.

  1. You were more than just my allies, my brothers in arms. You.
  2. Were my friends.
  3. Nikolai Belinski Sergeant Nikolai Belinski (Russian: ) was a Russian soldier who fought in the Red Army, and is a playable main character in Zombies, serving as the main protagonist of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in the Aether Story,

His player indicator color is blue in Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops (shared with Robert McNamara and Robert Englund ) but is randomized in Moon and all subsequent maps. An alternate version of Nikolai known as Primis Nikolai appears in Origins on Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and reappears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in The Giant, Der Eisendrache, Zetsubou No Shima, Gorod Krovi (which also includes the original timeline Nikolai Belinski), Revelations,